Montreal’s PasswordBox Wins Best App at 2014 CES Mobile App Showdown


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Montreal-based PasswordBox has been awarded the winner of the 2014 CES Mobile App Showdown, decided by a panel of judges based on the company’s demonstration of their app on stage.

“PasswordBox is honored to be recognized as an innovator and technology leader in the app space,” said Magaly Charbonneau, COO of PasswordBox. “This is an exciting achievement for us as we enter 2014, and we will have more mobile innovation to share in the weeks to come.”

PasswordBox is a free password manager for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows based on a freemium model which allows users to store and sync up to 25 passwords. Anything beyond that will require a premium account which runs $11.99 per year with unlimited storage. If you refer five friends you can get a free lifetime subscription.

What makes PasswordBox really interesting is their Legacy Locker which allows users to designate a ‘beneficiary’ to get access to your logins after you have passed (they’ll have to present a death certificate PasswordBox can validate with authorities) to manage your logins.

You can download PasswordBox here for iOS. If you’re using PasswordBox—how are you liking it so far?


  • K

    Have used it and so far so good…Can’t compare to competitors but it works just fine up to now.

  • sukisszoze

    I signed up in the beginning and got the “Free for Life” membership. Already been using 1PW for awhile and just not used to the UI of PasswordBox yet.

  • Sylvain Giroux

    If you refer five friends you can get a free lifetime subscription.

    What does that do? Can you freely add more than 25 PW?

    How do you refer friends?