More Evidence of iOS 10 ‘Dark Mode’ Emerges in Xcode Simulator

New screenshots posted to Twitter by developer Andrew Wiik show iOS 10’s “dark mode” working in the Settings app.


The new leak supports the speculation that Apple is planning to offer system-wide support, rather than implement app-specific options. Wiik was the source of recent screenshots of Messages running in the new mode.


Wiik also recently posted a shot of the iOS 10 Simulator with a sixth, blank button near the top of the Control Center. While its purpose is uncertain, Wiik speculated that Apple might be planning a cellular toggle.

At the moment iOS 10 exists only as a developer beta. A public beta is due in July, followed by an official release in the fall.

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  • would be cool to have a control center toggle to turn on/off dark mode.. or a 2 finger swipe on home screen up or down to turn on or off respectively (like we can on any screen of Tweetbot 4 app).