More iPhone 6 Battery Problems Reported by Shanghai Consumer Group


iphone 6

According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, government affiliated Shanghai Consumer Council is claiming that it has received eight reports from users saying their iPhone 6 handsets had spontaneously caught fire. This marks the third battery-related complaint against Apple from Chinese consumer groups over the past thirty days. Apple has however said that it analyzed the affected phones and found that the fires followed “external physical damage”.

The company encouraged customers with issues to visit an Apple store or contact company support. “We appreciate that customers are more concerned than ever about the performance and safety of batteries in their mobile devices,” Apple said in a statement.

Apple said a company investigation found that the problem was limited to iPhone 6s devices made in September and October 2015 whose battery components were exposed to “ambient air” longer than they should have been during assembly. Apple said it would replace the faulty batteries world-wide.

Apple has also recently said that it will soon update iOS with a “diagnostic capability” to gather more information about battery-related issues, adding that it could use the information to “improve the algorithms used to manage battery performance and shutdowns”. The company is also encouraging customers to contact customer service and use their battery replacement program website to see if their device is eligible for free replacement service.

The complaints from the consumer groups follow a separate Chinese government move to shut down Apple’s online book and movie services because they violated local media guidelines.


  • Chrome262

    how come the only battery issues i have heard of is in China. the ones here in NA have been on older stuff with third party chargers. Besides the “exposure to air” thing why only in china?

  • Tony

    because no one cares the consumer here. My 6plus would shut off at 85% battery in the morning and won’t turn on until I have it plugged in.

  • Chrome262

    yeah but did it catch fire, and people here report when shit blows up, look at samsung

  • Jim

    i have the same issue with my 6 plus and my wifes 6 plus.

  • erth

    i have apple care and a iphone 6. i called support about the problem of the battery draining, and when you plug it in, it goes almost instantly to 50 or 60%. and then when you unplug, it stays at 50-60%.
    they had me restore to original and then restore from a backup. it worked for a few days and then back to the same old again.
    in the end, they send me a replacement phone by ups without a fight.
    my opinion, they know they have a problem, and they will send you a replacement phone if go thru support.