More Stunning Apple TV Concepts From Martin Hajek [PICS]



On Friday Curved, a German technology magazine, posted a concept which shows what the next-generation Apple TV and remote may look like.

The concept design features a touch screen remote, which looks like a scaled down iPod Touch. The new set-top box includes a brand new design, taking design cues from the iPhone 5S and iPad Air.

Designer Martin Hajek has taken the concept from Curved and released more images, showing different angles of the set-top-box and remote. The designs include the same set-top box and remote, but the set-top box now has a new colour.


The remote control features a home button and touch screen display, which would allow users to access and control specific channels like Netflix and audio/video playback directly from the screen on the remote.

Apple is expected to release an upgraded Apple TV in the spring, bringing with it various improvements including an upgraded processor, game support, and even its own App Store. The set-top box may also get additional content as the company continues investigating partnership opportunities with cable companies.

Visit Hajek’s website to check out the rest of his stunning concept images.


  • WatDah

    Do designers “design” anymore, or they just take what’s already out there and slap it on something else and call it their design?

  • It’s an Apple concept. We know Apple doesn’t deviate huge cosmetic changes so this might be a possible design idea.

  • einsteinbqat

    They got the remote completely wrong. That is way too complicated, way too many buttons, and many of them being repetitive for no reason. Apple would never do that.

  • WatDah

    This is an Apple concept by someone outside, let’s make that clear. Apple doesn’t show anyone their concepts.

    True, Gary, but definitely not on a $99 product.

  • OK, let me rephrase: it’s a concept of an existing Apple product. Happy now? 🙂

    A refresh is certainly due, if they are able to stick to the $99 price it’d be amazing.

  • WatDah

    Much better. =)
    Sorry I’m being an ass but I like to keep things real. I can’t help it….

    It’s long overdue. Though recent pricing on Apple products tells me we should expect an increase, especially if there’s a change in design (see, told you I can’t help it).

  • Keepin it real is WahDah’s signature around here #holla

  • I don’t know why anyone thinks that a touchscreen remote would be a good idea. Touchscreens work when you’re looking at them. They’re not such a good idea for controls that you’d rather not look at.

    A well-designed remote is one that has a tactile button layout that’s intuitive enough to not look at. I recently had something go wrong with my Harmony Smart Hub remote, and I had to resort to controlling everything with my iPhone (which the Smart Hub enables you to connect to it with). It was so annoying! Every time I wanted to control something I had to look down at the screen and swipe to get to the right panel and then hit the right part of the screen to do what I wanted. With the remote I can control everything without even looking at it. So much easier.

  • I should add… the one way I could see a touchscreen remote working is with swipes and general taps, like a trackpad. You’d be able to swipe to navigate, tap to select and then when a keyboard is needed, it could transform into something you need to look at…

    Oh, wait. That sounds an awful lot like how Apple’s remote app already works when controlling the Apple TV, doesn’t it? So there you are. Why release an expensive touchscreen remote with the Apple TV (that will surely drive the cost up) when the majority of the people buying the Apple TV already have a touchscreen remote with their iPhone or iPod Touch?

  • Kirk

    Agree with you 100%.