Motor Trend’s Apple Car Mockups Based on their Imagination


Although the Apple Car only exists as a rumour, Motor Trend has unleashed the creative minds of industrial designer Garrett DeBry and Mind Over Eye, the studio that created the “Apple Car renderings”. Before you start reading this and the lengthy source article, note that the whole story is based on the imagination of a group of professionals from different areas.

Apple Car rear three quarters

To create this concept Apple Car, Motor Trend traveled to Pasadena, California, and gathered a handful of creative minds – Stewart Reed, Tim Huntzinger, Tim Brewer, Di Bao, and Akash Chudasama (you can find out more about them here) – around a table headed by Debry and asked them to imagine that Apple was their client and that they needed to create a car for that client.

ArtCenter grad student Garrett DeBry

Apple Car interior rendering

The result was this Apple Car concept and thirteen cool features: line of sight, candid camera, colour coded (meaning the light bar can be a turn signal to show awareness of pedestrians or bicycles), black magic or a dark rocker material break line to give a more athletic stance, mini fender skirts, smart charging, maximum minimalism, Siri, let’s go (recognizes your iPhone and allows touch-free entry), grand opening (the car’s door is a roof that rises to allow you to walk in), and so much more.

You can read the full story and other tidbits about the speculative Apple Car renderings on Motor Trend’s website.


  • iGard Anderson

    Looking good! I just really hope that:
    1. I wouldn’t have to charge the car every day
    2. the glass would not be easy to crack
    3. the seats would not bend when people sit on them

  • That is hideous.

  • Wall Man

    Going to need a screen protector and what kind of case should I get?

  • There’s an Apple leather screen protector for $100,000 coming

  • OliChabot

    That is absolutely ugly. Telsa has done an amazing job at designing a car that looks stylish without breaking people’s mind about what a car should look like. There is already a controversy about the absence of grilles on Tesla’s cars, so it just proves that people are not ready for such a change of looks.

  • Motor Trend did a pretty good job at trolling everyone to link back to them. The car concept is hideous.

  • Larry

    I wonder how many $thousands MT spent to create this in order to sell magazines? I suppose for the next 3 or 4 years we’ll see everybody outdoing each other guessing what an Apple car will look like. Zzzzz.

  • drew204

    Nailed it!

  • aaloo

    this is beyond shameful. What were they thinking. Are those supposed to be antenna lines on the front. lol.

  • It’s the best car we’ve ever built, truly breathtaking!

  • These poor designers are being ridiculed for their creation.

  • definingsound

    That is possibly the ugliest Pasadena-designed car of all time. There are tractors being designed in that town with stronger aesthetics.