Mozilla Searching For Beta Testers For iOS Version of Firefox



The development team at Mozilla is pushing ahead as we get closer to the launch of the iOS version of Firefox. In a new survey, which was discovered by TechCrunch, the company reveals that it is currently searching for beta testers for the upcoming app.

Anyone with an iOS device can sign up for the beta, however, Mozilla hasn’t said how many people will be chosen, or when the selection process will start. Users will have to answer a few basic questions about the types of devices they own and their level of proficiency with iOS.


Once you have answered all the questions and entered your email address, the only thing left to do is wait to hear a response from Mozilla. The survey can be found at this link and only takes a few minutes to complete.

Would you like to see Firefox on the iOS App Store? Let us know in the comments below.


  • runner

    Looking forward to see what they come up with! I used to be an exclusive chrome user on my mac, but have switched to firefox because Chrome crashes quite a lot more and still has a battery drain problem.

  • Yeah, Chrome on Mac has become a real resource hog. I may have to take the plunge back to Firefox.

  • Aren’t you restricted to the WebKit engine on iOS? I don’t understand why everyones making browsers if they’re going to be slower than Safari because of limitations by Apple.

  • Anon

    FYI – That restriction has removed since the launch of iOS 8. All third party apps have had access to the Nitro JavaScript engine for quite some time now.