Share: Sale: Mpow Bluetooth 4.0 Sport Headphones w/ Mic are 40% Off at $29.99


If you’re looking for a pair of wireless Bluetooth 4.0 headphones that are sweat proof, ready to take to the gym and offer some decent bass, check out the Mpow Swift models on sale at for 40% off at $29.99 (normally $49.99).

We scour daily for deals for you guys and these headphones are turning out to be a bargain for the price, as the forum thread has grown to 19 pages long talking about them.

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We actually ended up buying these ourselves after reading about them (damn you RFD). For the price of $30 with free shipping (Prime eligible), they offer pretty decent bass and Bluetooth 4.0 is great. The only issue we had was picking the proper fitting ear stabilizer to get them to stay in our right ear. Also, the length of the cable is a bit long  but it’s not a deal breaker (twist tie anyone?).

Battery life is up to 6 hours and there’s a mic so you can take calls too. Right now, the sale price is good for the green colour only, but if you want them in black, RFD forum members are jumping on the Soundpeats Qy7, which look to be the exact same headphone at the same price (free shipping too).

Mpow says if you buy their Swift headphones and also their Mpow iPhone 6 armband, you’ll save 15% on the latter, making them $11.

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For $29.99, either pair of these headphones seem to be a decent offering for the price for wireless Bluetooth 4.0 headphones that are sweat proof and have a mic. While these won’t rival more expensive options in terms of sound quality, reviews on both Amazon Canada and USA are very positive.

Click here to jump on the Mpow Swift headphones while the sale is still available. You can check out the Soundpeats Qy7 and the Mpow iPhone 6 armband here.


  • kd7iwp

    Thanks, just placed an order.

  • Cheers. Let me know how you like them.

  • Mat

    Same here, just placed an order myself. Had been looking for the past week and your recommendation was enough to get me to pull the trigger!

  • I should add I also ordered the Soundpeats in black. I’m no audiophile but they sound just as good as the Mpows. I am going to return the Mpows as the all-black looks much better. Again, damn you RFD.

  • Justin

    very impressed with these!

  • Yeah the bass is pretty decent!