Listening Music on Smartphones Becoming Increasingly Popular Among Canadians


According to a new survey by Nielsen Music Canada, listening music on smartphones is becoming an increasingly popular habit for Canadian music fans, with nearly 53% of listeners playing their favourite music on their phone in a typical week, The Chronicle Herald reports. The number represents a 19% growth from a year ago, thanks to the popularity of streaming music services.


The latest data, which comes as part of Nielsen’s broader study of listening habits in its annual “Canada Music 360” survey, shows that audiences are spending more time with music, playing on average 32 hours of music each week, which is eight hours more than last year.

The number of respondents who played digital music from a downloaded collection, dropped by 3% from a year ago, with less than 25% respondents saying they played a compact disc in a typical week.

Interestingly, Nielsen’s survey also found that 64% of Canadians still tuned into a terrestrial radio station in the early part of this year, which marks a small increase of 3% from last year. 

Nielsen’s online survey was conducted between March 22 and 28, and consisted of 1,300 adults.


  • Kevin D.

    And yet CRTC has to go ban the unlimited music streaming on your mobile plan so the big 3 can make even more money to help keep funding the CRTC… Because obviously, paying for data is ridiculous as it’s an infinite supply…

  • I’ve been streaming music from services since Google Music was in Beta years ago in Canada and since moved to Apple Music when it launched. I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon.

    Even when I play music at home, it’s from my
    Phone, Airplayed to my Apple TV in the living room sound system. Love it, all of it.

  • MikeJenkinson

    I was dumbfounded by this story – you mean there are people who DON’T listen to music on their smartphones!?

  • Decodering

    That was my reaction, too!