N.Y. Attorney General Writes To Apple & Google Regarding Handheld Thefts


New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has contacted a number of leading technology companies, including Apple and Google, seeking information about what they are doing to combat thefts of their devices in the state, Bloomberg is reporting. Attorney General has also written to Microsoft and Samsung regarding the subject, in an effort to eliminate the back market for the products.


In a letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook, Eric has asked why companies that can develop sophisticated handheld electronics, such as the products manufactured by Apple, cannot also create technology to render stolen devices inoperable and thereby “eliminate the expanding black market on which they are sold”. In his letter to Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, he noted that “foreign trafficking of stolen devices has proliferated”, according to the source.

In his letter to the companies, Schneiderman cited the April 2012 murder of a 26-year-old chef at the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan who was killed for his iPhone on his way home, and a February incident this year in which three people were stabbed on a subway platform in the Queens section of New York in a fight over an iPhone.

Schneiderman said he would be “especially concerned” if the companies, which may have failed to live up to representations to consumers about safety and security, have benefited from increased sales of replacement devices.

New York City Police said in 2012 that Apple products were stolen in a total of 11,447 incidents, an increase of 40% over the previous year.


  • Albemarle

    So it’s not the fault of a city where people kill for $200, it’s the manufacturer’s fault. Solution could be to reduce poverty and the enormous income discrepancy. We could also forbid people to have or use nice things, lest others might want it too.

  • xxxJDxxx

    I would agree that as the income gap grows wider we are only going to see more and more crime, but to forbid people from having nice things?? thats a little too far dont’ you think?

  • T.N.

    Thats why i love jailbreaking my phone. For one unique reason:
    Thats something apple should consider about!

    Now, whats the truth behind this!?

    Poor people cant afford purchasing a frigging device for $700.00 so they purchase from black market. You that CAN afford get yours stollen and once u have an iphone u wont go back to other phones , you go and purchase another brand new one…

    Apple sells more products and the ones who cant afford purchasing the new iphones, can still afford the cheap/stollen ones and there u have apple dominating the market…

  • sandrewb

    He was being sarcastic.