Nanaimo iPhone Thief’s Selfie Uploads to iCloud, Leads to Arrest


A woman in Nanaimo, BC, had her iPhone stolen from her purse earlier this month. Lucky for her, iCloud was enabled when the alleged thief snapped a selfie, and automatically downloaded to the woman’s new replacement iPhone, once she activated the device.

She recognized the man as being near her purse prior to noticing her phone had been stolen.

0721 stolen phone jpg

The image was then shared amongst numerous media outlets and social media. Within 48 hours, RCMP had located and arrested a 39-year old man, and charged him with Theft Under $5,000. He is set to appear in provincial court early next month.

“The suspect in his infinite wisdom uploaded a picture of himself,” Nanaimo RCMP Cst. Gary O’Brien told CBC News. Ouch. The one time “but first, let me take a selfie” didn’t work out.


  • Buddha

    Stupidity at its finest.

  • Bafoon

    I am so confused; how does this work. The woman didn’t have a passcode on her phone? So the man was able to get in and take selfies?

  • Andy

    You can open the camera without unlocking the iPhone. You can’t see existing photos though.

  • erth

    this person should be jailed on stupidity charges….