Natalie Portman Turns Down Role in Universal’s Steve Jobs Film


At the end of November rumours claimed Natalie Portman was offered a major role in Universal’s Steve Jobs film (which it acquired from Sony Pictures). Now, Variety reports Portman has passed on the role, with no major explanation other than she’s no longer going to be in the film:

After beginning discussions to join “Jobs” before the Thanksgiving break, Natalie Portman has parted ways with the female lead in the Steve Jobs biopic.

Sources say the movie “Jobs”—with script written by Aaron Sorkin—is set to make its production date and other actresses are already in discussions for the role.

The film will be directed by Danny Boyle, with Michael Fassbender set to play the lead role of Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs.


  • einsteinbqat

    Do we really need this film?

  • iFan

    Yes! The truth must be told!

  • K3

    Nope the book and the documentary was more than good.

  • K3

    Hey Gary, don’t know if I might have missed it but have you guys reported anything on the heat / battery issue for those that upgraded to 8.1.1 ?

  • Zachelor

    It’s getting interesting. I think I may go see the movie just to find out why so many well-known actors dropped out of school.