NDP Breaks Promise to Allow Uber into B.C. by Year End


An election promise that was supposed to bring ride-sharing services to British Columbia has taken a slight detour.

The NDP government said that safety of its passengers is coming first in its decision. On Tuesday, Transportation Minister Claire Trevena said that the government is studying the safety and regulatory issues. Trevena said that the decision is not the government stalling.

“It’s doing what we said we were going to do in the (election) platform and when we took over as government. We’re going to make sure passenger safety comes first.”

The NDP originally promised to work with taxi and ride-sharing companies to create a fair approach to the legislation in B.C. by the end of this year. However, Trevena will no longer put a timeline to that promise.

“We want to make sure whatever we’re doing, we’re doing it safely, we’re doing it judiciously. We’re talking about people’s safety here.”

In a statement, Uber Canada spokeswoman Susie Heath said the company is monitoring ride sharing developments in British Columbia. B.C. Taxi Association president Mohan Kang said the minority NDP government has committed to consult on ride sharing with stakeholders, including the taxi industry.


  • Joe

    Interesting the way you guys framed that headline.

    Many other cities (including London UK) are breaking ties with Uber, but when the NDP does it, it’s a broken promise. Also, pretty sure Christy Clark and the Liberals were the ones who promised to give us Uber. I don’t recall the NDP making a big deal about it. It’s always interesting when the media calls something a broken promise.

  • Great news! Hopefully more cities cut ties with Uber for the sake of customer safety. The amount of bad experiences I’ve had with untrained and ignorant drivers are more than I can count.

    Props to the very few Uber drivers who actually care about customer safety, comfort and understand how to talk to and assist disabled passengers.

  • CTV: Brakes tapped on ride sharing in B.C. despite government’s promise to allow Uber

    Globe and Mail: NDP tap brakes on ride-hailing in B.C. despite election promises to allow Uber

    Maybe you haven’t been following along too closely, but the facts are promises were broken by the NDP.

  • John McClane

    Well, you don’t like it, then don’t use it. Probably you’re not even from BC (according to your above statement regarding the experiences you had with Uber). I’ve used Uber few times (maybe 4-5 times) and it was just great. I want Uber in BC so… why not?

  • Bryan Foster

    I’ve used Uber on many occasions throughout the US and Eastern Canada, and I’ve had nothing but great experiences. Same goes for Lyft.

  • Mike Hunter

    Another anti-business NoDemocrat move! I love Uber and Lyft and always use them when I am somewhere they are allowed to compete with the gouging taxi industry, which takes its guidance from the 19th century Luddites.

  • NOHoldsBar

    Technically you’re correct Gary.

    However, unless you’re very naive, you already know delays in government are almost always inevitable.

  • Riley Freeman

    toronto is working just fine so when they say this type of nonsense, its really all BS.

  • Victorious Secret

    Delays in gov’t wasnt Gary’s point.

    He was defending Joe’s claim the headline was misleading.

  • Tom

    It’s a coalition government last I heard.