Netflix Canada Surpasses 800,000 Subscribers in 7 Months


Netflix Canada launched last September, and since then the streaming media service has seen some phenomenal growth in Canada. The latest quarterly report sent to investors revealed the following about Netflix’s growth in the Great White North:

  • 800,000+ total subscribers now in Canada
  • Last quarter, 290,000 subscribers added in Canada (growth of 57%)
  • By June 30th, subscribers expected to reach 900,000-1.05 million in Canada

Their total subscriber count sits at 23.6 million, which rivals America’s largest cable company, Comcast.

The growth of Netflix in Canada has been quite remarkable, when you consider our population is only 33 million. According to this report, in 2009 there were approximately 25 million internet users (no details on broadband) in Canada. Netflix is on pace to capture 4% of this market.


Netflix Canada works great on any iPhone or iPad, and the company continues to support their subscribers. Recently an option to change bandwidth usage was introduced, plus the hiring of lobbyists to support their Canadian expansion. Also, the library is growing as the recent deal with Paramount has shown, plus Canadians are included to for the exclusive rights to see House of Cards.

Netflix Canada is only $8/month, and the first month is free. Click here to sign up.

Have you signed up for Netflix? How do you like it so far?

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  • Tim Stringer

    Those are impressive numbers! I’ve been using Netflix since the day it was available in Canada and find that it’s good value for the money. More content would be nice…and the iPhone/iPad apps need a complete overhaul. I find them buggy, slow and awkward to use.

  • Anonymous

    Very nice and good job for Netflix!
    I will jump on the bandwagon once this whole UBB thing is settled (whenever that is)

  • Jay

    I did the one month trial and that was the end of it for me. The selection in Canada is terrible!! I have non interest in watching old movies from the 80s and 90s.

  • Guest

    From this statistic, I m more interested to know how many of these subs stay longer than the first free month…. Knowing that the choice of movies is very poor or none existence…

  • johnnygoodface

    I just love it! Don’t expect to find the very latest movies out there, but they’re collection is great with titles you’ve never heard of too… so that “forces” you to try movies you’re not used to watch… and I’ve found pretty jewels in there!… The quality of streaming is great! (you can choose between 3 diff quality settings (1, 2 or 3), but setting no. 2 is great enough, without killing your Internet plan. To give and idea: for my day to day usage of Internet + 1 movie (sometimes 2) per day, my 80G plan is just enough. Works great on iPhone, Xbox, but they have to rely on Playstation Network connection on the PS3, and since the network is often down for any reasons wathsoever, you can’t use Netflix on PS3 one out of two time (those last days has been awfull!)…
    For 7.99$/month, that’s GREAT!!! I love Netflix.


  • Trigg

    We need the other 2 seasons of trailer park boys on there! The movies wouldn’t hurt either!

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