Netflix Previews Personalized Profiles at CES 2013 [PICS]


Netflix is a great streaming content service for TV and movies, but for households with multiple users it gets really messy. Recommendations turn into a mixed bag with so many people watching different shows all the time.

GigaOM was able to get access to Netflix’s upcoming feature of personalized profiles at CES 2013. Essentially, every member of the family will get to create their own profile with avatar that tracks their viewing preferences and keeps history separate to make for a better experience:

Netflix recently started to test personalized profiles with a limited subset of its subscribers, allowing them to create a separate profile for each member of their family. The company has talked about eventually doing this for some time, but kept quiet on details – until now. We were able to snap some exclusive photos of one of the iterations currently tested at the 2013 CES in Las Vegas.

But first, it’s worth pointing out a few things: The test is ongoing, and could take as long as six months, after which the company will evaluate whether it resulted in increased viewing and engagement times. If things work out, this is going to be rolled out to Netflix’s entire user base as an added feature set.

As GigaOM notes, the test is ongoing so there’s no exact guarantee this feature will be rolled out, but you can bet users have demanded this. Check out a couple pictures of the feature below, previewed from Netflix on a web browser:




Just yesterday Netflix announced it had signed a deal to stream dramas from Warner Bros.

Any Netflix users out there hoping the company will launch this feature?


  • I just want them to let me put movies in a queue. Is that really so difficult to implement?

  • Here, here! I can’t recall all the titles I’ve wanted to watch and forgotten about! Please implement a queue system.

  • TylerIngram

    What would be nicer if they could get the US content up to Canada so I don’t have to proxy 😉
    I’d love a “favorite” or “Watch Later list” too

  • Aslam Nathoo

    I would love this feature. My girlfriend loves Bollywood movies and consequently my suggestions are now filled with Bollywood movies which I like well enough but do not need in my suggestion list. Also having separate Instant Queues for us would be awesome. Then we would need to get Apple to update their Netflix UI to use that feature which could take a while.

    Don’t know what others are talking about not having an Instant Queue. I’ve had one for at least a year or more and I’ve never used any sort of proxy or anything like that. It is a regular Netflix Canada account. I signed up for it the moment Netflix Canada was launched and for the first many months I didn’t have an Instant Queue but then at least a year or so ago (don’t remember exactly when) an Instant Queue just showed up on my Apple TV and I’ve had it ever since.

  • Gary Mikulin

    I just called the other day to ask for exactly that, and password protection for movie ratings, since there is only one option, and it takes like 24 hours for the change to go through.