Netflix Reports Performance on Top ISP Networks in Canada and USA


We posted about Netflix the other day and how their Canadian operations are on schedule to turn a profit in the third quarter. Within that post it was revealed that more people watch Netflix on their Apple TV compared to almost 15 million iPads.

Today on the Netflix blog they posted performance results in charts from the top ISP networks in Canada and the USA.

Take a look at the following charts and compare the number of ISP networks in Canada in contrast to our neighbours down south (4 versus 16!):

In the metric below, we’re filtering for titles that have HD streams available, and for devices capable of playing HD streams (which also filters out mobile networks), to highlight what’s achievable in terms of HD performance on the various ISP networks. As you can see, Charter is in the lead for US streams with an impressive 2667 kilobits per second average over the period. Rogers leads in Canada with a whopping 3020 kbps average.

Sure, our Canadian population is tiny compared to the US, but it’s sad to see the limited number of top ISPs in our country. Canadians also have a much smaller Netflix library compared to the US. However, with time and continue support the library will only get better.

Kudos goes to Rogers for leading Canada with the highest download average. Now if only their 3G network could have comparable performance.

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[Netflix blog]


  • Too bad that Rogers and others has such a low bandwidth caps, I had to upgrade my Rogers Hi-Speed and pay more each month to enjoy Netflix. I think it is time to switch soon to unlimited Internet from TechSavvy.

  • Anonymous

    There will be no unlimited internet on TechSavvy as of March 2011. CTRC decided that Bell can place caps on TechSavvy and others 🙁

  • xxJDxx

    Am I the only one that sees Shaw as being higher than Rogers on that graph?

  • Crosseyed_mofo

    its not just caps its metering

    the crtc has rendered canadian internet into the stone age, good times

  • Anonymous

    Cable vs DSL….. The debate still continues…..

  • RaIDS

    I see Shaw too…

  • Great that we have such awesome bandwidth. Pity that most of us would max out our allocations quickly (before the end of the month I’d expect) using Netflix.

  • Is this article some kind of joke?

  • Jonathan

    Why is Videotron not listed? They’re they only competition to Bell in Quebec!

  • Test


  • Test

  • Why? Having trouble reading?

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  • Rcharbonneau

    How come Videotron is not there.? Here in Quebec it is the major ISP. One interesting aspect of the chart is that even with less ISPs, the slowest speed is still better than 2 /3 of the Americans, no?

  • Anonymous

    Shaw is clearly the winner on that graph.

  • Anonymous

    @draz. What debate??

  • Anonymous

    Maybe because nobody cares about Quebec. JUST KIDDING!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Oh and BTW. Thank Netflix for coming bandwidth caps.

  • KnightFire

    It says “average” score.

  • KnightFire

    The article does say “average”. We don’t have access to the raw data, but I can see that Shaw has more peaks below 3000 than Rogers.

  • KnightFire

    Ah… is Netflix available to Quebec subscribers?

  • I’d like to point out that even Canada’s worst performer (Telus to no one’s surprise) is considered higher-echelon if compared with the US, and none of the US ISPs can touch Rogers or Shaw’s performance. So seriously – things could be MUCH MUCH worse

  • Shaw is faster but you favor Rogers AND ignore the fact faster speeds won’t mean much when downloads are capped in 2 months . Can’t you read the comments to your own article ?

  • Miker_74

    Not listed I would assume becasue they are only a provincial ISP, the rest are multi province ISPs