Netflix Launches Simple Speedtest Available to Users Worldwide


Netflix has launched a speedtest for their members to test worldwide, to see their download speeds from the company’s servers.

All you have to do is visit (nice domain!), and immediately the site starts testing your download speed. The company explains ping, latency and other tests are not measured because they wanted to make the test as simple as possible for “people who are consuming content on the Internet,” and not some sort of “engineer’s analysis and diagnostic suite.”

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Our 50 Mbps Telus Optik connection via via our AirPort Extreme; Somebody help me optimize this please 

The download numbers are calculated based on downloads from Netflix servers and works globally from any smartphone, laptop or smart TV with browser. Netflix explains the reason they launched was to allow for members to see a “commercial-free way to estimate the speed their ISP is providing.”

David Fullagar, vice president of content delivery architecture at Netflix, explains the test is different from the company’s monthly ISP speed test results, which only measures average monthly streaming speeds during peak hours.

Netflix says if members are not getting the download speeds they are paying for as shown by and other speed tests often, they should contact their Internet Service Provider about the results.

Let us know how your speed test goes!


  • KS

    I like it! Thanks for sharing.

  • Cheers. It’s simple and fast. Plus an easy link to too.

  • Tim

    110 Mbps … I get the advertised speed. I’m on Rogers Ignite 100.

  • That is fast!

  • Tim

    it gets the job done. I share internet with 4 other people.

  • Artur Iatsko

    SpeedTest shows 132mbps but Fast only shows 15mbps.

  • Salinger

    I got 280 Mbps and I pay for 250 with Rogers. In any speed tests, i generally get more than the 250 I pay for. I have to be honest, I have no real complaints about my HSI with Rogers. I almost never have an outage, and it’s pretty much always fast, even at peak times.