NeverWet Aims to be the ‘WD-40’ of Water Repellants, Works on iPhone [u]


We have all heard of Liquipel, a nano coating service which aims to make your iPhone waterproof. The company recently opened their first North American retail location inside the West Edmonton Mall (review coming).

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Another similar product has hit the consumer market, by the name of Rust-Oleum NeverWet. Here’s how it works, according to LancasterOnline:

When water hits the coating’s superhydrophobic barrier, it forms a nearly circular bead that either causes the liquid to shoot off the surface or never cling there in the first place.

NeverWet has made a video demonstrating the products capabilities and it also shows and example of how to apply it to your iPhone 4 to make it completely waterproof, similar to Liquipel, but you can do it yourself for much cheaper.

A can of NeverWet retails for $19.97 USD at Home Depot, currently only available in the USA. We have reached out to the company to find out when and if it will be available in Canada. If you’re heading down to the USA soon, pick up NeverWet and let us know if it works as advertised.

Check out the video below (the iPhone 4 part starts at 3:25):

Would you be interested in a DIY project to protect your iPhone with this stuff?

Update July 28, 2013: According to this review of NeverWet over at Slate, the stuff doesn’t work.

Thanks Dave!


  • K3

    man only if Apple has nothing bad to say over using it on your devices but holy heck the water parks should be a different experience this summer…

    Has Apple ever commented on the Liquipel process at all?

  • Not that we’re aware of. I think using these products would definitely void your warranty. Then again the water sensors might never reveal water damage due to the nano coating?!

  • Chrome262

    cool, if it works then you really would never have to bring it in. and if you do for other things then they might not even notice the coating anyway.

  • Chrome262

    You know if they did this at the factory they could claim that they phone was water proof.

  • K3

    that’s true! I never thought about that so yea the warranty probably would be k.o.’d.

    Well maybe Apple might have something of there own with device protection in the works which could also possibly be an advantage with the switch to in store repairs now.

    But this NeverWet does look interesting and actually brings a few pranks to mind now. ????

  • Chrome262

    ooo please explain lol

  • Chrome262

    Phone aside, this would be good for boots in general. Winters can be brutal, but its the salt that screws your boots over time.

  • K3

    There was something recently about liquid cooling process being considered for future mobile devices- this could possibly be an actual manufacture level application not far off for protection from external liquids as they start considering the internal interactions.

  • This does look cool, and I’m tempted to try it but I’m fearful of the consequences if I miss a part or something. Either way, I think I might pick some of this stuff up to try on other stuff. Is there any info anywhere on how much a pair of cans will cover? I’m guessing you’d be able to do more than one iPhone. Someone could set up a booth next to Liquipel! 😉

  • It’s about $20 USD for a pair according to Home Depot USA, which is a very reasonable price to waterproof your shoes!

  • Yes, I saw the price, but I was wondering how much surface area those cans would cover? Will that do one pair of shoes? Two iPhones? Or possibly more than that, which would be great value for people who want to go in on it together.

  • Ah, found the info on the HomeDepot product page. It says one pack of two cans will cover 10-15 square feet. That could do a lot of iPhones for only $20! Liquipel is looking like a rip-off now!

  • Ohhhh, that part. Hmm, guessing from the size of the cans I’d think it would cover a fair bit based on what we saw in the video. One pair of shoes at least.

  • That sounds like some decent coverage for $20 bucks.

  • sukisszoze

    I am not sure if I want to put on clothing and wear them on my skin…but imagine you coat a brand new toilet before you install never have to clean it 🙂

  • WatDah

    Or spray your car =D

  • Now that’s smart!

  • TeeSee

    It all sounds and looks dandy but how LONG does it last? Do you have to keep reapplying every so often?

  • Unknown at this point. But for $20 it’s worth testing.

  • crasucks

    My question is when applied to boots, shoes, clothing does it still allow the fabric to breathe or is it essentially turning things into a sweaty plastic bag

  • Good point.