New Apple TV Said to Debut with Siri at WWDC



The next-generation Apple TV may be just a few months away, according to John Paczkowski (formerly AllThingsD and Re/code), now managing editor of Buzzfeed News. He has sources that correctly predicted WWDC and other Apple events in the past. Following reports of Apple launching a Web-TV service, sources speaking with Buzzed say the set-top box will finally receive the long-overdue upgrade this year at WWDC.

Earlier rumours had already suggested that the set-top box is undergoing a significant change. Buzzfeed’s sources provided an update on what we can expect from the new device: First, it will be powered by Apple’s latest A8 chip – or a variant of it – and secondly, we will likely see an increase in internal storage, because starting this year users can download apps from the App Store to their Apple TV.

An important addition to the next-generation Apple TV is said to be Siri: Users will be able to control the device with their voice.

You may recall that Tim Cook has stated plenty of times that the living room is an intense area of interest for Apple, as the current user experience is somehow “stuck in the seventies”, he said. This year, the company seems to be ready to make a move and “revolutionize” the user experience with a next-generation Apple TV.


  • Al

    It better have a lot more impressive features than just those 2 mentioned. Like much better buffering (equivalent of DVR recordings) and 30 second skip-aheads / 10 second skip-backs, instead of the current pre-determined segment points. Trying to carefully fast forward through a shows opening credits and then having to sit and wait while it buffers again just drives me insane.

  • ????Dennis

    Let me hook up an external HDD and I’ll grab one. If not, I will continue to use my first gen Apple TV.