New Google Maps for iPhone, iPad Coming Soon; Google Latitude Retires [VIDEO]


Google has announced a new version of Google Maps for iPhone plus a dedicated iPad version will soon be hitting the App Store. The design will be an iteration of the initial Google Maps for iOS design that launched last year. The company has also announced Google Latitude has been retired, ready to die in a fire (it was doomed when Find my Friends launched; it definitely was one of the best ways to track/stalk your friends and family).

Today we’re introducing a new Google Maps app for Android smartphones and tablets, also coming soon to iPhone and iPad. It’s a new mapping experience that makes exploring the world and getting to the places that matter to you a lot faster and easier. The app is gradually rolling out globally in Google Play and will be available soon in the App Store.

The new Google Maps for mobile builds on the design we released for iPhone last December and improves on it with a few useful search and navigation features. And it’s the first dedicated app for Android tablets and iPads. We’re also retiring Latitude and are making some changes to offline and My Maps which we’ll explain in more detail below.

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Check out the promo video below:

The world first saw an iPad version of Google Maps when the company demonstrated one live at its 2013 I/O developer conference, where it first announced new maps would be coming this summer.

Apple, it’s your move (it’s been their move for a while now). Who’s looking forward to this Google Maps for iPhone, iPad update?


  • mrideas

    Video was kinda cool. Not what I expected lol.

  • Jay

    Worst news ive ever heard……GOOGLE LATITUDE DEAD!!!!
    It is THE app I use all the time, my friends and family all have different devices but what was great about latitude is it worked on EVERYTHING unlike fucking find my IOS friends.

    Terrible news, completely disapointed, was waiting for latitude integration in maps.

  • It is sad that Latitude has died…I was using it before to track friends…but now everybody has an iOS device so it became useless for me.

  • Jay

    Im afraid im one of the few that has an iOs in my group…. mainly droid users and im thinking of switching myself

  • Don’t switch your phone, just switch your friends. It’s easier that way.

  • FragilityG4

    I deleted Google Maps a long time ago …

  • Do you even use Maps?

    (do you lift parody)

  • FragilityG4

    iOS Maps work great for me … Never had a problem and I use them on a daily basis.

  • James

    Less than 1% of Africans have iOS devices.

  • WatDah

    0:27 Sick shot!!

  • hub2

    iOS Maps is my first stop, but it’s failed me more than enough times I have to keep GMaps around.

  • K4

    Ad shot with Google Glass for sure

  • crasucks

    It is very sad that Latitude is being dropped. Most of my friends in high tech circles use Android devices, the cross platform stalking is now over.

  • cilias

    “(it was doomed when Find my Friends launched”

    I’m increasingly dissapointed in the Apple fanboyism on iphoneincanada. I don’t see any evidence that latitude’s retirement has anything at all to do with FMF. In may case, even though I have an iphone, latitude was better, because a) I mainly used with a friend who had a cheap samsung phone, and b) my family could track me via desktop computer from home, while I went to go pick up parents from the airport.