Here’s What’s New in iOS 9 Beta 3 [VIDEO]


Apple released iOS 9 beta 3 for developers yesterday, which included new tweaks and features such as a dedicated folders for screenshots and selfies and a revamp of how two-factor authentication works.

If you want to see the new features within iOS 9 beta 3, YouTube channel EverythingApplePro has again shared a detailed look at new features for the iPhone and iPad in this latest beta.

Check it out below:

iOS 9 will launch publicly this fall. Stay tuned for more.


  • Tim

    I feel like iOS9 should have been iOS 8.7 or something below “9”. This update is failing to have much of a “wow” factor.

  • Isn’t he under an NDA? Wouldn’t that make this illegal for him to post this video?

  • He said jiffs.


  • websnap

    No, it’s illegal to talk about things that haven’t already been mentioned by Apple (such as searching through the code for hints of future products). This is all in the public beta.