Apple Airs New iPhone 7 Ads “Midnight” and “Morning Ride” [VIDEOS]


Apple has aired a couple new iPhone 7 ads, highlighting the new low-light capabilities of the improved camera, plus the water-resistant properties of the phone (it can survive under 35 feet of water).

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This ad below not only shows off the camera, but also shows off the high-gloss Jet Black finish and water resistance:

The all-new iPhone 7, with low-light camera. It’s practically magic.

This guy looks ready to smash some KOMs (King of the Mountain) with Strava and is definitely following ‘Rule #5’ (nice choice of song with ’Thunderstruck’).

Brave the elements with the water-resistant iPhone 7.

Great ads that show off the new features and black finishes of the iPhone 7. Cringey moments kept to a minimum, while just showcasing real-life examples of the phone’s new features.

Update–Forgot to throw in this new Apple Watch Series 2 ad as well, titled “Go Time” (it’s really good too):

Apple Watch Series 2 is designed for all the ways you like to move. With Built-in GPS, Water resistance up to 50 meters, and a super fast Dual-Core processor, it will inspire and motivate you every step, stretch, jump and pedal of the way.


  • Michel Plante

    Beautiful ads ????

  • Agreed

  • Ashley Mann

    Wow. Now that’s Apple. Absolutely awesome ads!

  • Ashley Mann

    I was just at Apples YouTube channel. There is an ad for Watch 2. Stunning. Beautifully done. Apple included a disabled person as well in the ad. Nice Job Apple. Good work Tim!

  • Kirk

    As a student of Advertising I have to say I just love watching apple’s marketing adds. They bring across excellent concepts and true emphasis on the major selling points they are trying to exaggerate. They also take the high road too. aside from the old school Mac vs PC ads you never see Apple stoop to other company levels and trash other products for the sake of sales.