New iPhone With 3.5″ Screen & 4G LTE Coming In October 2012


According to a new report by iMore, the new iPhone (iPhone 5,1) featuring 3.5″ display, 4G LTE chip and a micro-dock connector will arrive in October 2012. The same source had previously reported that Apple is planning to introduce a smaller dock connector in the next iPhone which will help reduce the overall size of the handset. The report also claims that like all previous iPhone announcements, the new iPhone will likely be revealed with a new iOS version i.e iOS 6.

Quoting from the source:

First, the new iPhone will be 4G LTE compatible. That shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, considering the new iPad supports LTE and it’s hard to imagine Apple giving the iPad a feature like that and not passing it on to the iPhone. So look for that this fall.

Second is the timeframe. We’ve mentioned October 2012 as the current release schedule for iPhone 5,1 before and it sounds like that’s still the plan. The exact date almost certainly won’t be determined until it gets closer to launch, but the iPhone sounds locked to a fall cycle for the immediate future.

So to sum up, iPhone 5,1 is on track for: 

– Similar if not same sized screen (currently 3.5-inch but not set in stone) 
– 4G LTE radio 
– New “micro dock” connector 
– Fall/October 2012 release

Well, what do you think about this one guys?


  • Corey

    If they don’t (finally) increase the screen size, no more iPhones for me!

  • drew

    although unlikely, I’m still hoping for a summer iPhone release 

  • Jeff D

    If they don’t increase the screen size, they will be going a step back no matter what the guts of the thing comprise. 

  • FragilityG4

    Likewise. Unlike some of the other posters I’m happy with the screen the way it is … So I don’t care if they increase or leave it the same.

  • Apple would be brain-dead if they didn’t increase the iphone’s screen size.  I would be finished with iPhone.

  • Mthoffmann

    I love the size of the screen the way it is. I do not want a bigger iPhone!

  • joecmwu

    No more 3.5″!!!!! Give me at least 4.3″ or I will go for Android.

  • Toule911

    Will it be compatible with Videotron?

  • Ibob3

    If the screen stays at 3.5 Samsung is my next phone.

  • Ififig

    I think I’ll go back to sleep now…..zzz

  • Tooth Fairy

    Yes. If iphone does not increase the screen size, I’m changing to ANDROID

  • Grisha_russki1

    Bet you that anyone complaining about screen size and they betray apple and go get andriod they will be back within 5 months after their phone starts breaking down then it’ll be problem after problem and the large screens are real annoying after a while

  • Anon

    They should just leave everything exactly the same as the 4S and just add LTE with a A5x CPU.  That way, Android users can have a blast making fun of the new iPhone and it’s tiny little screen.

  • Hope

     I’m still hoping for a late March release.  Here’s hoping for hoping.

  • LOL

    When it comes to screen size of the iPhone, Apple is still living in the year 2007.

  • Anon

    There’s nothing more annoying than a tiny screen, and Android users laughing at your tiny little screen.

  • Vitamin_vee

    “betray”? I LOL’d


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  • Jay34

    Yep, needs a bigger screen. We have all used a friend’s, relative’s, spouse’s etc… Android by now and it’s clearly a much better experience having a larger screen. Maybe if Android hadn’t become so popular but the opposite happened, we did get size envy. No big deal, give us an extra inch, at least, and you have us for life, Apple. If you don’t, sorry to say but… I’m gone to Samsung.

  • There’s also nothing worse than being an Android user, only to have the latest OS being denied to you via your ‘Big 3’ carrier or OEM.

  • Rbmitch22

    I’m all for a larger screen size, as long as the phone doesn’t get any bigger. Even some of the Android commercials ask ” is it a tablet or a phone?” My pockets don’t need anything larger.

  • Zirak

     Yeah, like that’s an easy decision for apple.
    They had to port all the GFX used in the actual OS to a higher resolution after swapping to retina display. Which also made developers enhance their apps.

    Now you’re saying you want a larger screen? If apple wants to keep that bragging right of having “retina display” they would have to increase the resolution of the iPhone.

    This would mean all the images would need to be enhanced to accomodate the newer resolution. Upscaling isn’t too sweet if all it does it stretch the image.

  • Tim

    I switched to the Galaxy S2.  I generally like it, though I’d consider going back to iphone on the next model.  However, if they don’t increase the screen size I won’t touch one.  The experience is definitely better on a larger screen.

  • xywix

    Bigger screen makes no sense, it means all the apps onthe app store need to be updated to adapt or create a whole new app store!!! Plus the only ones who require a larger screen are old far sighted ppl who need to squish the phone to their nose to see anything!
    Keep it as it is apple!

  • Steve Lam

     if the only change is LTE and possibly more ram, i’ll stick with my iPhone 4s for now! if the form factor design changes to something better (which would be quite the feat considering the iphone 4/4s form factor design is pretty much the best looking phone today) along with any surprise features then i may consider upgrading.

    don’t really care about a bigger screen. i had a samsung galaxy s2 i barely ever used because android is just a cumbersome mess of a mobile OS.