New Photos Show Apple’s iPhone Repair and Calibration Machine


An image of the special machine Apple uses to conduct back-of-store iPhone repairs surfaced online today. The photo shows a few more features than previous leaks, including an up-close look at screen calibration controls.

The picture was sent to Motherboard after reporter Jason Koebler put a bounty out for information regarding Apple’s “iPhone Calibration Machine.” The machine is a specialized piece of equipment used by Apple Store Geniuses and tech personnel to conduct device repairs.

A former Apple Store Genius told Motherboard how the calibration machine works:

“It was a big clunky machine that honestly looked like someone built it in their backyard. There were different ‘molds’ that different iPhone models would go into before going in the machine, and it would take around 30 minutes … there was some weird liquid that needed to be placed in the machine that we would have to wear gloves with to fix it. Lots of gas type valves and whatnot. It literally looked like some backyard home job. Not very Apple-like at all.”

The square, circle, star, and triangle chevrons to the left of the iPhone are used to calibrate the handset’s camera, while the “gray card” and “flock paper” controls are for screen calibrations. In addition to screen swaps and device calibration, the machine also allows technicians to replace iPhone’s Touch ID home button.

In addition, the machine also allows technicians to replace iPhone’s Touch ID home button.



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  • OliChabot

    Am I the only one who focuses on the fact that this accessory is not certified ? (look at the notification on the phone)

  • Kris

    hahah, good catch!

  • Apple doesn’t need to use certified cables! Those are for iDiots who waste their money.