New Ride-Sharing Service Could Compete with Uber in Ottawa



According to a new report from the CBC, the City of Ottawa has started to reviewing the application of a second ride-sharing company.

In a meeting that took place this morning, chief of the city’s bylaw and regulatory services Roger Chapman, mentioned the impending license as part of a broader update. Chapman declined to mention the name of the second ride-sharing service.

The report notes that the company is not Lyft because it has not yet expanded into Canada. Rumors are suggesting that the company is small, locally-operated company.

The second ride-sharing service submitted its application for approval less than five months after a bylaw was passed which lets Uber operate legally.

Currently, there are a total of approximately 3,000 Uber drivers operating in Ottawa.


  • Many99

    Does anybody know of new information if lyft will be coming to Canada, I haven’t heard much from lyft since Uber got their license in Toronto

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