New Rogers CEO Joe Natale Making Customer Service a Top Priority


On his first day as the chief executive officer of Rogers Communications, Joe Natale made it clear he will make customer service his top priority.

Natale has been silent being named by the board in October to lead the company, bound by the terms of a non-compete agreement with Telus, where he was formerly CEO. Freed of those constraints on Wednesday and now officially on board as CEO, he highlighted the work that must be done to better serve subscribers.

In a speech at the company’s annual general shareholder meeting in Toronto, he said that Rogers has made some “inroads” on customer service in recent years, but acknowledging that there is a lot of work left. Natale said he does not yet have a detailed plan for the company. He will spend the next few weeks talking to technicians in the field and visiting retail stores and call centers to get a better sense of the customer service experience on the ground.

The Toronto-based company is Canada’s biggest wireless carrier and has a large base of cable television and Internet customers in Ontario and the Atlantic provinces. Given its size, the amount of attention that is given to the customer service experience is crucial for maintaining and growing its customer base.

Natale’s predecessors, most recently Guy Laurence and before him Nadir Mohamed, both recognized poor customer experience as a major hurdle at Rogers. Even though Rogers has some momentum behind it now, improving customer service is still among the most important tasks for the company if they hope to promote profit growth.

[via TheStar]


  • Riddlemethis

    This is the biggest red herring Rogers has produced yet.

    Rogers customer service is not the issue, their ridiculously high rates and plans are!

  • FragilityG4

    Well said. In fact their customer service, in my experience, has been great for years now. It’s just those damn high prices. We pay for their liberal spending.

  • So Young

    When you are a client and need assistance, yes costumer service is good. But when you are a new costumer and you want info or subscribe over the phone, its mediocre at best. Talking to someone who barely understand what you said because he is clearly in India or something is a really bad first experience with the company. Plus, the guy give me the wrong plan and I have to solve this on the phone the day after.

    So yeah, Costumer Service is okay for existing costumer because they are in Canada and understand what you said, but its mediocre for new one thanks to moving this department in other countries. .

  • OliChabot

    I am with Rogers since a year and a half and always had good customer service.

  • FragilityG4

    Umm I’m pretty sure they ended outsourcing their call centres many years ago….

  • sully54

    I love how the guy who came from Telus is now heralding improved customer service at Rogers.

    Good luck with that.

  • Michel Plante

    The customer service of Rogers is not as bad as Bell but let’s be honest the rates and fees are too expensive.We need real unlimited plans with data unlimited at good prices. Just like T-Mobile.

  • Geeta Bose

    You mean they speak the same English you’ve just written your post in?

  • Brenda

    It’s about time.

    I’ve dealt with Rogers and Telus as a business and home customer in the past and with Bell for home service only. My experience with Rogers customer service was the worst. It’s been neutral with Bell and great with Telus.

    I was a customer with Telus, and in their previous incarnation as BCTel, for around seventeen years, dealt with Rogers for ten years and Bell for five. My dealings with the corporate end of the businesses were often through intermediary providers. Only the customer service agents at Telus seemed to have the autonomy to make decisions when on the phone with a customer. The key to good customer service starts with the employee. Making visits on the ground is a good start.