New Study Shows Tesla Batteries Will Survive Longer than Expected


According to a new survey of 350 Tesla car owners, the vehicle’s battery is lasting a lot longer than originally expected.

After a total of 50,000 miles, the battery capacity in the user’s vehicles only dropped by about five percent. Of all the vehicles in the survey, most them had a battery capacity of 90 percent after driving 185,000 miles.

The most interesting stat is that after 500,000 miles most of the Tesla’s had 80 percent of their original battery capacity.

The company does not list the battery degradation performance for its Model S and Model X, but they do advertise a 70 percent capacity after 120,000 miles for the Model 3. Based on the survey results, this seems like a very conservative estimate.

The loss of battery capacity over time has been one of the biggest criticisms of electric vehicles. This new data, which is based on real-world usage, is reassuring.

[via Engadget]


  • Taylor

    The difference will be batteries in northern countries verse southern ones.

    I guarantee a battery in Quebec is going to degrade significantly faster than one from California due to large battery drain keeping itself warm.