New NDP MPs Start Petition to Save SaskTel


Newly elected MPs in Saskatchewan will be knocking on doors to help save SaskTel. Last year, the province passed a bill that would allow 49 percent of the regional carrier to be sold.

Regina-Lewvan NDP MP Erin Weir is concerned that if 49 percent of the corporation was sold it would be a step towards full privatization. Weir wants SaskTel to remain the company that it was envisioned to be, which was a regional carrier that could provide affordable pricing to residents.

Weir, along with a few other MPs, will be collecting signatures for a petition that aims to save SaskTel. The MPs hope that this campaign will attract some attention from the federal government.

[via SaskNow]


  • letodax

    Good luck to them. Manitoba lost its regional competition sadly and are now paying the price, literally.

  • Jason

    We don’t appoint our MPs, we elect them. You should fix the headline and in body text to reflect this. The source of the article says nothing about the status of the MPs in question, so it looks like it is an editorial error on this site.

  • raslucas

    Even at 49% ownership, that owner will wants returns. The beauty of a crown corporation is that they don’t need profit because the customers are kind of the owners… so in an ideal world crowns like Sasktel only need revenues to = expenses, ( with a safety fund). They can lower prices, which puts pressure on the for profits to compete.. Unless I’m wrong, Sasktel are one of the best examples of that concept working.