Next iPhone to Use a Larger 4.6 Inch Display? [Rumour]


Earlier it was reported Apple was reviewing LTE chips for its next iPhone, and now Reuters has come up with a report in regards to the next iPhone screen size from a South Korean newspaper:

Apple Inc’s new iPhone will have a sharper and bigger 4.6-inch “retina” display and is set to be launched around the second quarter, a South Korean media reported on Thursday.

Apple has decided on the bigger 4.6-inch display for its next iPhone and started placing orders to its suppliers, the Maeil Business Newspaper said, quoting an unnamed industry source.

If such a screen size would be released–it’s already widely available on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, as it uses a 4.6 inch Super AMOLED display (achilles heel: sunlight). Previous rumours of a larger iPhone screen sent the blogosphere into a frenzy, but those never came to light.

What emerged was the iPhone 4S, with the same 3.5 inch screen size that debuted with the original iPhone back in 2007. So far, Apple has remained consistent when it comes to screen sizes for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch–could a drastic screen change be coming for the next iteration of the iPhone?


  • Shadow

    Simply put I think that is what it would take to steal me away from my Galaxy Nexus… Or 4.3″ at least…

    I looooove me some screen real estate…

  • The Galaxy S II doesn’t use a 4.6-inch, from what I know. There are 4.3-inch and 4.5-inch variations on the SGS2, plus the 4.65-inch on the Galaxy Nexus.

  • Whoops, you’re right. It’s the Nexus. Reuters made a boo boo.

  • And it’s Super AMOLED HD, not “just” OLED. 😉

  • LOL. Too many specs, I’m getting dizzy.

  • And that’s why you like Apple. Only one phone per year. And they never compete on spec alone.

  • xxJDxx

    Really? Not sure if I could see them making such a dramatic change in size. 4.6″ is BIG…

  • joecmwu

    If Apple does make this smart move, I will change my mind and stay with iPhone.

  • I never thought that I needed a bigger screen on my iPhone. The current size suits me just fine, but I’d like to see what it could be like. Will we actually get more screen space, or just higher resolution? The iPad screen is huge, but it’s still just 4 apps accross.

  • Lon

    I sure hope not, I have a galaxy nexus as well and it’s too large. Not for pocketing but for one-handed usage

  • The days of geeking out over specs are done. Why have a gazillion Android handsets, when most of them can’t even run the latest OS? It’s pathetic.
    Spec wars mean nothing, at the end of day software is what determines a great phone experience. If only RIM figured this out.

    Last week’s ‘hot’ Android phone is outdated by the moment it hits shelves. Yet, the aging iPhone 3GS can stil run iOS 5.1. Any Android phone older than 1 year old (or less) is pretty much useless.

  • You need longer and bigger thumbs. LOL

  • I’m not arguing that competing strictly on spec is the way to go, but raw power still means something. It’s true that there are a lot of terrible Android phones, but there are a lot of great ones too…. and most of the terrible ones have less than stellar specs. 😉

    For the record, I use an original Galaxy S Captivate as my primary phone. It was released way back in Summer 2010 and it’s still holding on like a champ today. 

  • For sure raw power is important, but it’s useless to have all that power, other than to say “we have the fastest processor”. It’s just another way to confuse consumers.

    What Android OS is your S Captivate running on? Was the update via an official carrier, or was it rooted?

    The issue with Android is that OEMs and carriers hold users hostage over firmware updates. Or, they release watered down updates, like Samsung:

    I’d be pissed.

  • GooglesCEO

    You’re holding it wrong. Just avoid holding it that way. Lol!

  • to be honest, I’d love it to remain the same. My mom’s got a Galaxy Note (and that’s a whopping 5″) its like bigger than her face if she picks up the phone for calls.  o.O;

    maaaaayyyybe a 4″? it might mess up all the apps again….

  • Littlepeoplebigworld

     That’s because it not made for midgets.  It’s made for normal sized people.

  • rhodz_99

    The current size is just fine,its not bulky on my pocket. I want to see a new look like a slimmer one, like on the picture above.

  • Kraken

    They need to go up in size.  A min. of 4″, as a higher resolution on the current tiny ass 3.5″ screen would be useless.   Not to mention, with the bigger size they can place in a bigger battery.

  • Kraken

    If there’s one thing Android phones have over the iPhone, it’s screen size.  The phone-scape has changed a lot since 2007, and a 3.5″ display is just too damn tiny.  Web browsing, typing, even gaming on a 4+ inch screen is far better than on a smaller screen.

  • JH

    Please I hope they don’t use a Super Amoled display in their next phone, I have had a Samsung Vibrant, Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus and none of their displays can compare to the iPhone 4/4S.

  • Marcel

    I finally made the switch from my somewhat new Blackberry Bold 9900 touch to an iPhone…I couldn’t take the the poor performance and battery life, and lets be honest, with all these cross-platform messaging apps, BBM just isn’t a compelling reason anymore to stay with BB. Anyways, is there an easier method than manually typing all my contacts from my old BB into my iPhone? Sorry, I know that this question is unrelated to this thread, but any help would be appreciated, thanks!

  • Kev

     Sync your contacts from your BB to Google Sync and then re-sync them back onto your iPhone.

  • Kdrweld

    they will kill two birds with one stoneintroducing the new 4.6? iphadfor you looking for a phone its a phone!for you looking for a smaller ipad its an ipad!

  • Tired8281

    I didn’t think I would either, until I picked up a Nexus S with a 4 inch screen.  It really does make a difference, especially looking at non-mobile-formatted websites.  Just wish it ran iOS!