Next Two iPhone Models Predate Tim Cook, Apple Representative Says


George Gascón, a San Francisco district attorney, told the SF Examiner (via Apple Insider) that in a meeting with Apple’s government liaison he was told the next two generations of iPhones “preceded Tim Cook.”

The San Francisco DA met with Michael Foulkes, Apple’s government liaison, to speak about the rising number of iPhone thefts in the area. According to the SF Examiner, Foulkes shared information about how laborious and time consuming the research and development for creating and deploying a “kill-switch” system could be to address phone theft.

But the most surprising information Gascón received during this discussion was that Steve Jobs was involved in their development, as they “preceded Tim Cook”. From this perspective, the kill-switch technology isn’t possible to implement, Foulkes suggested.

Gascón’s meeting with the Apple representative was part of his effort to persuade the telecom industry to develop and implement a kill-switch technology that disables stolen cellphones and tablets.

His meeting with carriers and Apple was underwhelming, as the discussion did not have the expected results. However, he did receive confirmation from industry sources that the kill-switch technology is possible.


  • MleB1

    …so we can expect no substantive improvements to iOS or an iPhone that addresses and competes with current Android hardware until, at least, late 2014?

  • Mike

    Yea that’s great until someone maliciously claims a phone is stolen (even if it isn’t) and could have his/her enemy’s or ex spouse’s phone bricked. Just a thought n I’m sure there’s ways of setting up security measures to help avoid this but still.

  • See you are assuming that the next two, don’t already have the ability to compete. Its not like they haven’t seen some things coming for a while. And I don’t think that there isn’t some fluidity in any projected design. I know they do that with iOS, although a new set up is been in the works for a while, it is taking its sweet time coming to market.