Apple Adds ‘NFL Now’ App to Apple TV, Also Available in Canada [PICS]


Apple this morning has updated the Apple TV to bring the NFL Now app to users in the USA, and Canada as well, ahead of the upcoming 2014-2015 NFL season (via Re/code).

The app doesn’t stream live games but offers various highlight clips, features plus a subscription service to access more content. Check out the images below:

IMG 6822

IMG 4844

NFL Now was rumoured to arrive to Apple TV in a report earlier this month and now it looks to have become a reality. Let us know if you’re going to be using this app on your Apple TV. One day, a CFL app might appear too…right?


  • websnap

    If we are adding non-Canadian leagues, How about the EPL?

  • alphs22

    Awww yeah. Awesome.

  • HHS

    How come it’s not listed on the canada apple website under available apps for Canada Apple TV?

  • Anon

    The day they are able to stream live sports and local news coverage, is the day I drop my cable TV subscription completely.