Nintendo President Reffirms They Won’t Be Developing for iOS


Back in August it was reported Nintendo was facing increased pressure from investors to develop games for iOS and Facebook rather than its current focus on 3D titles. The company’s president dismissed such an idea and reaffirmed his stance in a recent news interview:

“This is absolutely not under consideration,” Iwata definitively replied when asked about Nintendo possibly making smartphone games.

Nintendo hardware sales are no longer riding high with the Wii and NDS. With App Store titles available for as little as free or 99 cents, many parents have opted to buy games for iOS hardware instead. Who still pays $30-60 for one title nowadays?

Nintendo’s reluctance to develop for any other platform other than their own is mostly about pride. But money talks, pride doesn’t. Their stock value has plummeted over the years–a true illustration of their current dire situation:

Ports of classic Nintendo games would be the ultimate nostalgic experience on iOS. It’s already available through various third party emulators (jailbreak required), so why not make it official and get paid?

[via The Loop]


  • “It’s already available through various third party emulators (jailbreak required), so why not make it official and get paid?” Bingo.

    Until their hardware isn’t making enough of a profit, they won’t sell their games on other platforms, otherwise why would anyone ever buy their hardware?

  • Yup. I have an old NDS Lite in my drawer somewhere. I miss playing mario kart though!

  • How many people do you know that would buy a copy of Super Mario Brothers for say $5 on their iPhones? Quite a few if not ALL of my friends. 

    Now how many of those same friends would carry around a Nintendo DS or 3DS to have Super Mario Brothers with them and portable? Not a one.

    Nintendo should be looking at brining original NES and SNES games to iOS, Xbox, PS3 and use it as momentum to make us want to buy the latest Mario title on their platform. 

  • Tyleradams82

    This is why nintendo will fail!

  • Anonymous

    This has nothing to do with “Pride”!   It is a pure business decision.
    The day that they announce iOS titles would probably mean one thing – that they are getting out of console hardware business.

    They absolutely need exclusive popular game software for their console hardware.   And they also need to show other 3rd party developers their total commitment to their own hardware.

    Sure, they can make an extra buck or two with iOS titles, but it would be a devastating blow to their overall profits.  Even with the steep decline year over year, they still made US$12 billion revenue with US$946 million net profit last year.   How many $1 or $5 games do they have to sell to achieve that?

  • gerwen

    It doesn’t have to be an either-or situation.  They could be porting and selling huge amounts of their back-catalogue and make a fortune from it, without watering down their current business.  Only selling IOS titles that aren’t on current-generation would still make them a ton of money, without cutting into their hardware biz.