New Nokia Ad Says All iPhone Camera Users are Zombies [WATCH]


Screen Shot 2013 06 21 at 11 03 47 AM

Nokia has long touted the amazing low light abilities of its Lumia 925 smartphone’s 8.7 megapixel camera. Its latest ad targets iPhone users, depicted a mindless zombies taking pictures with flash constantly, thus blowing out photos to show nothing but white and red eyes. Check it out below:

It seems most iPhone competitors always need to include the latter in their commercials to get any attention or limelight.

What do you think? Are you a horrible iPhone photographer as shown in the ad? Or is Nokia just hatin’ here?


  • FragilityG4

    From all the tests I’ve seen the Nokia camera is superior in low light … With that being said the iPhone camera is superior in every other light.

  • Kirk

    All I have to say to Nokia is: “You mad bro?”

  • Arcsvibe

    Not a very good ad at all and I like Nokia lol

  • Simon Kwan

    I think they nailed it! Hopefully Apple is listening and improve their image sensor for greater dynamic range in the future. Throwing in a dual flash is a cheesy way for good picture.

  • Setak

    haha funny ad ! and true ! (iPhone user by the way)

  • SymonDT

    The ad was just like Nokia. ” Boring ” . btw I don’t like Apple at all, 😉

  • Steve

    I saw more footage of the iphone 5, than a nokia or any other phone. Fail advertisement.

  • Ari

    So I assume that the iPhone using zombies are taking selfies in the dark?

    Here are a few problems with the premise of their ad:

    1. The flash is on the back of the phone so why would the being using the flash for selfies?

    2. Why would anyone be doing selfies in the dark on the street?

    3. I never saw the Nokia being used for photos of any kind in the ad.

  • Mr Flip

    This is how they market their product?

  • Bbrysucks

    You know your desperate when all you can do is attack others in your advertising. Reminds me of samdung.

  • Bbrysucks

    Youre kidding right? The iPhone has one of, and for the most part best sensor in its class. True story.

  • The Stig

    The best doesn’t mean there’s no room for improvement.