Nokia and Amazon Fight Apple’s ‘App Store’ Trademark, This Time in Canada


Last year Apple sued Amazon over the use of their trademark ‘App Store’ and that battle continues to ensue. Most recently, Amazon requested a federal judge to throw out Apple’s false advertising claim against them as they felt the term is generic and commonplace in nature.

Now, according to Patently Apple, that battle has reached Canada with this time Amazon and Nokia opposing the term here, according to recent updates at the Canadian IP Office, as seen in the image below:

The Canadian IP Office indicates that the opposition has until January 13, 2013 to present their evidence as to why Apple’s App Store trademark should be denied.

A former opposition case by Microsoft against Apple’s claim in Canada was recently closed. What do you think? Is ‘App Store’ generic or should it be Apple’s claim only?


  • If “App Store” is generic, then so is “Apple”, “Amazon”, “Windows”, “Google”, “Android”, “Blackberry”… the list goes on. Actually, App Store is far more specific than any of those, since there was nothing at all termed “App Store” before the App Store. “App” had a few uses before Apple started using it, but no-one really cared until the App Store came along.

  • dan

    i believe it should be apples they created the “app” they created the “app store” nobody else called them “apps” before apple did so what give other companies the right to copy that .

    app – apple
    app store – apple store

    put one and one together why the hell would amazon or nokia want “apple store” on their devices? because people know what it is now…. because of apple.

  • Carl

    App stores go back way before Apple. Apple only made it popular.

  • Digital marketplaces do, yes, but under much different names. Apple was the first one to call it an “app store”. It’s almost as if they came up with an original design for something that their competitors demand should be shared by all as if it provided some sort of critical functionality.

  • jfmartel

    app store
    application store

  • Amazon doesn’t even have an “app store” in Canada. Unless they’re planning on bringing it here.

  • Muddy_Water

    Apple is becoming quite the joke, could you imagine if the auto industry carried on like these little brats. If you want round tires please pay up

  • Jon

    They do.

  • Lawyers_Suck

    I am getting sick of Apple and these pathetic excuses for lawsuits.
    It is seriously turning me off of their products.