Nomad’s Cyber Monday Sale: Save 40% Off Everything with This Promo Code


I’ve been using the NomadKey (formerly the ChargeKey) for a while now and it’s a fantastic way to ensure I always have a Lightning USB cable with me. Right now, Nomad is holding a Cyber Monday sale with 40% off all over their products, which includes their now Apple certified MFi NomadKey and NomadClip along with the new NomadPlus, which adds a battery pack to your USB charger.

Screenshot 2014 12 01 11 54 27

Screenshot 2014 12 01 11 58 42

The sale prices are below:

  • NomadKey – $17.60 (save $11.60, normally $29), shipping now
  • NomadClip – $23.40 (save $15.60, normally $39), ships January 31, 2015
  • NomadPlus – $23.40 (save $15.60, normally $39), ships December 8

Screenshot 2014 12 01 12 09 51

To get your 40% off, just enter promo code NOMAD40 during checkout and you’ll see the discounts applied. Shipping is free to Canada if you order two items.

Click here to jump on the Nomad Cyber Monday sale while it’s still available!



  • Rio

    Thank you! 🙂 Been wanting a key but didn’t want to spend $30 for it

  • Okina

    I’m not getting the option for free shipping in Canada. Does anyone know how to get that?

  • Rio

    Man they take forever to ship these things