NOMAD Charging Cable Orders Now Fulfilled Same Day; $2.5M in Sales Since Launch [u]


NOMAD, the makers of the ChargeCard and ChargeKey, has informed us they company has now fulfilled its backorders from Kickstarter and Indiegogo, which means orders are now processed the same day.

The company started as two founders in their grandparent’s basement to a team of 15 in San Francisco. Since their launch, over $2.5 million in sales have accumulated and over 100,000 cables shipped. Their Shopify store is one of the top stores in the electronics category and a new third product is coming.

The NOMAD ChargeKey (review here) remains one of our favourite accessories, as having a Lightning cable with you at all times is very handy. If you order two products shipping is free, so you might want to bug a friend to buy one too.

Update April 23: Use this promo code to save $15 off your cable: empl_disc (via RFD). Shipping works out to $3 for one cable to Toronto, which isn’t bad.


  • Chrome262

    to pricy, there are short regular cables you can throw in your pocket for half the price?

  • sukisszoze

    I got one via Kickstarter. It’s pretty useful since it’s always on my key ring…one less thing to grab if I head out especially in a rush.

  • I guess you pay for the convenience of always having one with you. The best Lightning cable is the one with you, vs the one in your car or at home. Love mine.

  • Yes, very convenient and comes in handy if you’re a power user.

  • Post update: promo coded added so you can save $15 off your cable.

  • Chrome262

    I didn’t say Its not cool and all, but yeah, i keep my cable in my bag all the time. I can see how this is tougher though.

  • Chrome262

    actually with 15 bucks off I might get it now

  • That’s my boy blue!