Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Explodes in Little Boy’s Hands


A 6-year-old boy from Brooklyn, who was using Samsung’s recalled Galaxy Note 7 smartphone at home, have suffered burns when the device suddenly burst into flames in his hands, New York Post is reporting. His grandmother Linda Lewis told the publication that the child was watching videos on the phone when the battery exploded. “He’s now too scared to go near any other devices”, she added.

Exploded note 7

The boy’s family called 911, and he was rushed to Downstate Medical Center with burns to his body. “He is home now,” Lewis said. “He doesn’t want to see or go near any phones. He’s been crying to his mother.” The grandmother said the family has been in contact with Samsung about the incident, but refused to give any further details.

Meanwhile, Samsung is now urging consumers to turn off Galaxy note 7 smartphones and exchange them for another device (via USA Today): 

“We are asking users to power down their Galaxy note 7 and exchange them now,” Tim Baxter, president of Samsung Electronics America said in a statement on the company’s website. He said customers will receive another device until new Note 7 models are issued.  

A Samsung investigation found that rechargeable lithium batteries manufactured by one of its suppliers were at fault in the fires. Samsung said it had confirmed 35 cases of the Galaxy Note 7 catching fire as of Sept. 1, most of them occurring while the battery was being charged.

Wireless carriers across the U.S. and Canada stopped selling the Note 7 earlier this month, and are now working on how to handle customer returns and questions


  • DravenInc

    Terrible story…though I would hardly call a 6 year old a “toddler”

  • updated, thanks!

  • DravenInc

    cheers! Terrible either way…this whole thing is a nightmare for Samsung, and yet I see far more ppl complaining about the missing headphone jack on iPhone 7 online…

  • Exactly!

  • gerry

    A telus store where I am, their’s still a note 7 on display, fully operation and charged in the demo table. Surprised it hasn’t burst into flames yet.

  • aRhyno

    I don’t mind Apple dropping the jack. Just wished they would of switched to usb c. At least you could use the headphones on a pc and other phones

  • Joe

    What kind of parent gives a product that’s been recalled to a 6 year old? This story has been all over the news.

    Obviously Samsung is to blame for the phone, but you’ve gotta wonder what kind of parents give a dangerous phone to a kid, then start making opportunistic statements about how their child has been “traumatized.”

  • Joe

    Sorry, when I’m talking about “this story,” I should clarify that I mean the Note 7 Recall. The parents should have known about it and taken the phone back.

    Also, LOL is Samsung really not offering customers a full refund? Anyone who buys an exploding phone should have gotten a full refund, plus an offer for a Note 7 at half price when it gets fixed. That ought to be the least Samsung could do. Then again, when it comes to doing the least, Samsung’s customer service prolly knows more than I do.

  • Mamba

    Here’s a tip: stop wishing for things you know it’s not gonna happen. Disappointments will lessen when your expectations are lowered.
    For example, Apple using a non proprietary connector for iPhones and iPads? Not gonna happen. Ever. Keep that in mind and you won’t be bothered by it next time!

  • Janker

    There’s no guarantee that every parents knows the full state of every product their kid comes into contact with. They may just not have been aware the Note7 has been recalled. I’m pretty sure that they wouldn’t have done this intentionally.

  • Joe

    I realize I’m being an armchair general, but this still seems like bad parenting. First off, you’re giving a 6 year old a phone that’s probably bigger than his entire head. Why, exactly, does he need this?

    But on top of that, you don’t investigate whether this brand new product you’ve thrown into your 6-year old’s hands is safe? They live in Brooklyn, they don’t live under a rock. The Samsung recall has been mentioned on every news channel and tech website many times over. Even airlines have banned it. My co-worker was on a flight to Tokyo on Friday and he reports that they made multiple announcements in multiple languages that anybody with a Samsung Note 7 must identify themselves immediately and turn off their phone throughout the flight. This recall has received more attention than any recall in recent memory.

    I’m sure they didn’t do it on purpose, but it’s still pretty… negligent, shall we say?

  • AEdouard

    ”I realize I’m being an armchair general, but this still seems like bad parenting. First off, you’re giving a 6 year old a phone that’s probably bigger than his entire head. Why, exactly, does he need this”
    You don’t have kids, do you?