Now You Can Tether Using Browser Based iPhone Tethering Solution, No Download Required [VIDEO]


Back in November last year, Tether released a $14.99 iOS app called iTether into the App Store which allowed unlimited USB tethering on any iPhone, even if the carrier restricted data tethering. As expected, Apple removed the app soon after but now, the same company has come up with another workaround only this time, it does not require an App Store download. At only $30/year, Tether has introduced a web-based tethering service which allows users to setup an Ad-Hoc network on their Mac, connect to that network from the iPhone and then just login to their iTether account using HTML5 to get started.

Quoting via MacRumors:

“It was clear from our initial application iTether, there was enormous demand within the iPhone ecosystem,” says Tim Burke, CEO of Tether. “It was unfortunate that Apple decided to remove our application, only 20 hours after we launched. However, this caused us to innovate. Our underlying patent-pending technology behind Tether for iPhone is unlike anything on the market.” 

Tether’s new version for the iPhone is purely based on HTML5 and creates a completely wireless connection over AdHoc. This circumvents the need of buying the application directly from Apple’s App Store and allows any iPhone or iPad with a data connection to allow tethering.

Take a look at ‘iTether via HTML5’ in action:


  • Anonymous

    This is irrelevant in Canada …

  • even in the states, most of the major carriers allow hotspot. 30/month is kind of a lot of money. 

  • Anonymous

    It’s $30/year …. Still not worth it.

  • $1/year would not be worth it for this

  • Anonymous

    its neat how they did it, but tethering is included

  • Rio

    Why not?

    There are carriers that restrict tethering. If you are like me and travel a lot you could use this.

    30$/year is not a lot compared to the additional charge carriers might charge.

  • Anonymous

    Which carrier?

  • Anonymous

    Rogers restricted my tethering to my iPad because I signed up for a 6GB data plan, I use to be able to use my iPhone data on my iPad now when I connect I get nothing. Funny thing is I asked the rogers guy will this effect me using my data for iPad and he said that Rogers wouldn’t know well apparently they do and they wont let me. Haters.

  • Modedan

    Is it personal hotspot and tethering same things ?

  • Greed

    iMake it rain….i mean tether