Add NYTimes Recipe on IFTTT for Free 8-Week NYT Subscription [PROMO]

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The New York Times and IFTTT have teamed up for a new promotion that gets you free 8-week digital subscription to The New York Times. All you need to do is add any one of the NYTimes Recipes to IFTTT, after which you will be directed to The New York Times website where you may redeem a special code. There you can enter your email address to claim your free trial subscription.


The promotion is valid throughout the month of November and is only valid for new NYTimes subscribers. Also, smartphone and tablet apps may not be supported on all devices.

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  • Mac

    Is the NYTimes as good as the globe and Mail though?

  • I would say the NY Times is better for some of their longer features

  • Mac

    Very little pertaining to Canada though.

  • That may be true but the NY Times has International coverage too…for those that like the paper this is a good freebie.