Geekbench Data Shows Old Batteries are Slowing Down iPhones


According to John Poole, the Toronto-based founder of Primate Labs, Apple seems to be limiting the processing speed on phones with older batteries. Citing benchmark data from his company’s industry leading performance analysis software Geekbench, Poole says that some kind of software limitation is restricting certain iPhones with older batteries to a slower processor speed.

Iphone 6s  1120

It was highlighted by some users on Reddit last week that shortly after replacing the battery on an old iPhone, benchmark tests saw a dramatic and noticeable increase in performance. Poole found out that the benchmark distributions of iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, and iPhone 7 units running any version of iOS newer than 10.2.1 seem to back up the theory of Apple slowing down the processor on phones with older batteries, presumably to boost performance.

However, some people may suggest that Apple is purposely slowing down older iPhones to sell new phones. Here’s how Poole addresses the issue:

“If the performance drop is due to the “sudden shutdown” fix, users will experience reduced performance without notification. Users expect either full performance, or reduced performance with a notification that their phone is in low-power mode. This fix creates a third, unexpected state. While this state is created to mask a deficiency in battery power, users may believe that the slow down is due to CPU performance, instead of battery performance, which is triggering an Apple introduced CPU slow-down. This fix will also cause users to think, “my phone is slow so I should replace it” not, “my phone is slow so I should replace its battery”. This will likely feed into the “planned obsolecense” narritive.”

Do you think Apple is deliberately limiting the processing speed on iPhones with older batteries to encourage upgrades?


  • Eyhab Dakkak

    Evrey single iphone user must sign to sue apple for this matter

  • makeittalk

    Here’s a promise. If my iPhone 7+ slows down unexplainably before I’m ready to upgrade, it will be the last Apple product I own. With the recent management decisions and products that Apple has released, my trust in them is declining anyway. What have I got to lose anyway, except that large hole in my pocket leaking money.

  • My 1/2 cents

    Don’t forget that Apple’s been getting very sloppy in terms of their software updates too. And if your 7+ does slow down, is it because of the new iOS update or the battery? Don’t update to iOS 12.

  • Nick

    It would be great if someone could release an app that tests your iPhone to make sure it’s running at the expected speed

  • makeittalk

    They have…it’s called Geekbench – source of the data in this article. $.99 on the iTunes Store

  • My 1/2 cents

    Often the app goes on sale as a freebie.

  • My 1/2 cents

    Eyhab, lead the way.

  • Olivier

    This is bad.

  • DJRiful

    Read somewhere, slowing down to maintain the same hours of battery life through the day?