Om Malik: Apple Should be Building Better Products and Not Stupid TV Shows



GigaOM founder and one of the tech industry’s most seasoned analysts Om Malik, lashed out at Apple on Sunday’s episode of Leo Laporte’s This Week in Tech, following the reports of Apple signing rapper and actress Gwyneth Paltrow to co-host its upcoming reality TV project called Planet of the Apps. “This is just such nonsense. They should be building better products and not stupid TV shows around these products”, Malik said (via PED30).

“You want to do something for the shareholders? Make interesting damn MacBooks which people can buy. You want to do something nice? Make a better phone which people want to keep buying. Nobody cares if you do Planet of the Apps.

This is coming from the so-called celebrity influx into the company, whether it is through the Beats acquisition or Eddy Cue. I mean, look at Eddy Cue. The guy was hanging out at the playoffs when iCloud was burning. For six hours. You know, he wouldn’t have survived a day if Steve was around”.

Check out the following video clip and tell us if you agree with him (Om’s rant starts at the 31 minute mark). 


  • Quattro

    I completely agree. As I said a month ago,
    …I’m relatively certain that this borefest is going to fail, big time. Even other developers are going to be like, “I don’t have time for this crap”.

    Apple is lost and floundering. They have been coming up short in innovation. The last Mac Pro was a disaster. The Apple Watch came up way short. The MacBook was cool but came up short. And the iPhone is now way over-priced (at least double) when compared with the new lower pricing of comparable (quality & functionality) flagship products.

    It’s like they just can’t do anything the right way anymore. And that’s because Steve is gone.

  • Decodering

    I also feel like the spark’s missing right now. But I think it’s a reflection of where we are collectively — on a technological plateau. We had a peak in the 2000s, largely thanks to Apple, coming in the form of a real revolution in how we use technology.

    But that wasn’t sustainable — no society lives from revolution to revolution. There has to be refinement of great ideas and tools, and new applications of them to round out their promise.

    Maybe companies, including Apple, are floundering, or perhaps they’re simply working on new ideas and tech that can’t be publicly shared due to competitive interests. We’ll see in the next round of revolution.

    That said, what is disappointing me about Apple is that they could be more on top of their game. Their products don’t get updated enough, so they start selling stuff with outdated specs all while commanding premium prices (Mac Pro and their now-discontinued display, which have or had become embarrassing for the prices commanded). And there are lots of things they could do to push the envelope with the existing paradigm that they don’t — making sure their operating systems are rock solid by replacing a decades-old file system, crushing bugs in a major way, really pushing iOS to its full potential, making an Apple TV that is way more robust in its functionality (and having an operating iOS app on the day the new ATV came out), etc. It’s like Apple’s gotten a bit lazy in its execution.

  • Jon

    Hyperbole is not warranted here.

    Was the last Mac Pro a *disaster*? Or was it received as a welcomed upgrade to the Mac Pro line that just needs to be updated (and has been criticized for not being updated enough)?

    Did the Apple Watch come up *way* short? By what measurement? By what standard? It seems to be selling well relative to smart watch devices (though who knows how accurate they are.. we just don’t have actual numbers either way) and the next watchOS update has been well-received by reviews of the betas.

    As for the TV show, I don’t think the target audience is other developers. A show about the actual development of apps (writing code, etc) would be very boring. Who knows if the show will be any good, I’m sure there will be a ton of hot takes but I don’t think it really matters.

    Is the iPhone *way* over-priced? You could make a good argument that the Samsung Galaxy is the best comparison. I’m looking at two Canadian phone carriers and the Galaxy 7 is $299 (32GB) and the 6s (64GB) is $428. The Galaxy 7 Note (64GB) is $549 and the 6s Plus is $558. The no-term prices are about the same ratio of difference.

  • Jon

    This comes across, to me at least, as someone who – generally – hates reality tv and is working backwards to tie it to a different narrative about Apple. From what we’ve seen, they’re mostly outsourcing this to a company in LA that create reality tv/documentary tv (like ESPN 30 for 30). I don’t think they’re taking hardware engineers or designers off of the MacBook and moving them to this project.

    Edit: And I say this as someone who really likes Om and typically agrees with this opinions on Apple, this just seems off to me.

  • Quattro

    In simple terms, the Mac Pro was, and is, a lemon.

    The watch did not ship with the all originally desired biometrics. It is clunky. It is insanely slow ( and still is with the pending OS… it’s just faking that it is faster), and it is over-priced (people are blindly and stupidly buying it when they SHOULD be investing in their retirement).

    Look beyond the Galaxy. There are some kickass phones coming on the market at like half the cost, and even more to come. With the iPhone starting to fall short in new features, it may not be able to justify its cost among fan(atics) for much longer. I’m not promoting Android… I’m just saying, a change is coming – and it’s Apple’s own fault.