One Billion iPhone App Downloads Arrive…Early?


Remember when we announced that Apple was holding a contest to celebrate its 1 billionth iPhone app being downloaded from the App Store? Well, it turns out that the 1 billion mark is coming a few days early to readers of!

iClarified received a report from a reader that managed to “discover” the 1 billion App Celebration page! How did this happen?

…a counter embedded in the Apple home page which detects if your computer’s time and date is past the estimated time the billionth app is downloaded. Currently that estimated time is at 14:12.20 on April 23rd.

So it looks like at 2:12pm, on April 23 that is the exact time that the expected one billionth iPhone app will be downloaded. Pretty impressive considering the App Store has only been around for nine months!

Nonetheless, take a look at the celebration page below, and just cross your fingers that you might be the lucky person to win that spectacular grand prize!

I’m sure once Apple discovers this they will either change the graphic image, or just leave it alone. I just find it interesting that given Apple’s track record of keeping things below the radar, this was able to get “discovered”. I know it’s only an image from an upcoming webpage, but it’s always funny to see this stuff get leaked.


Just let me be the first to say congrats to the winner of the contest–early!


  • Haha, that’s unreal! I imagine it’s something that could be fairly easily found in the javascript source for the countdown timer. I’ve actually found discount codes in order forms before where, had I actually planned to fill out the order form, I could have had a $350 value for free. Woops, should have done that server-side! 😉

  • Dusty

    Cool Cool! LOL at the image. Thats a crap load of downloads per a second 😉

  • Dusty

    That would be funny if everyone just stopped downloading for a while and Apple didnt make it to the billion mark. Well just for a couple minutes, then start again lol

  • bringer666

    Is that 2:12 Eastern time?

  • jonk

    Hmmm… I wonder what happens when you set it forward to June 9th, 2009??? New iPhone HD?

  • Rose

    I don’t really GET this contest. If I read the rules correctly then the winner is the person who downloads the 1 billionth app (or is the 1 billionth entry) so why is everyone madly filling out entries and downloading? None of the entries count until you get to the ONE.

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