Apple Confirms Online-Only Apple Watch Sales at Launch, No Store Sales


Apple watch

Apple has today confirmed that Apple Watch pre-orders will kick off on Friday April 10th, alongside the in-store preview. Customers in nine countries — Canada included — can walk into an Apple Store and try the Apple Watch on, but can only pre-order it online, starting on April 10 at 12:01 am PDT.

Apple’s retail chief, Angela Ahrendts, confirms Apple’s expectation of high consumer demand at launch, based on the tremendous interest shown from people walking into Apple Stores, along with customers clicking the favourite button for Apple Watch models online.

“We are excited to welcome customers tomorrow and introduce them to Apple Watch, our most personal device yet. Based on the tremendous interest from people visiting our stores, as well as the number of customers who have gone to the Apple Online Store to mark their favorite Apple Watch ahead of availability, we expect that strong customer demand will exceed our supply at launch,” said Angela Ahrendts, Apple’s senior vice president of Retail and Online Stores. “To provide the best experience and selection to as many customers as we can, we will be taking orders for Apple Watch exclusively online during the initial launch period.”

Ahrendts also confirms previous rumours of a significant change in mindset: Apple will only take Apple Watch orders online, ending the era of standing in line in front of Apple Stores for days — see iJustine.

The Apple Watch will be available in stores and at boutiques in major cities, including Colette in Paris, Dover Street Market in London and Tokyo, Maxfield in Los Angeles and The Corner in Berlin, and select Apple Authorized Resellers in China and Japan.

Apple Watch is available in three collections, Apple Watch Sport, priced at $449 (CAD)  and $519 (CAD); Apple Watch, available from $699 (CAD) to $1,459 (CAD); and Apple Watch Edition starting at $13,000 (CAD).


  • natedog

    Hey istvan, what’s the best way to preorder? Apple Store iOS app or through the website? What will you guys be doing? Thanks for the tip.

  • Eric

    I love iJustine!!!!!!

  • faythebest

    I would suggest the iOS app because the website was down during the iPhone 6 pre-order and the iOS app was working.

    Good luck

  • Kris Meador

    For me ordering the iPhone 6+ it was the other way around. The App wouldn’t work but the website did. My suggestion, have both ready and try both when preorders open.

  • OliChabot

    Let’s just all hope this is going to work smoothly. The iPhone 6 preorder was a nightmare and tonight I will wake up at 00h45 instead of 00h01 not to have to wait an hour before they fix things up.

  • The Apple Store iOS app goes back ‘online’ faster than the website, which has allowed people to place orders faster. I would similarly suggest what the others are saying, have your Safari browser open at the same time and refresh like a crack addict (or install a plugin to do it for you). I would also ensure you have your account ready with credit card info filled in etc.

  • matt

    I hope it wasn’t like the iPhone 6/6 plus online fiasco at midnight online when it was launched

    IT WAS DOWN FOR EVERYONE AT LIKE 2 AM STILL, ANXIETY INCREASING LOL. Carrier websites were messed up too

    Most stressful time in the past 2 years for me lol jk but still

    I hope they get it together this time haha, especially with demand obviously lower then iPhone

  • faythebest

    Good idea, will have both ready. I am pretty sure it won’t be that crazy as it was for the iPhone 6 pre-order. Let’s hope for the best.


  • Eric

    When can we book an appointment? Do they charge you tmw or not until it ships?

  • johnnygoodface

    Will you guys ordering right away at 12h01 PDT THEN make a Genius appointment to try it out? Or the other way around? Can we cancel our order if we’d like a different model when at the store?

  • johnnygoodface

    3h08 EST still offline

  • johnnygoodface

    Ordered! 🙂