Canadian Family Calls on LifeProof to Pay for their Water-Damaged iPhone


Ontario-based Lisa Allen and her son Spencer have called on LifeProof, the maker of waterproof and drop proof cases for the iPhone, to reimburse them for their damaged iPhone. Allen wants the company to stop advertising its cell phone cases as waterproof after her son’s device was damaged. “They should be responsible for what they’re protecting, which is the phone. Otherwise, they shouldn’t be advertising it as waterproof”, she told CBC News.

Lisa and spencer allen

Spencer, who had bought a LifeProof iPhone cover for $80 to protect it from bumps, scratches and water damage, took a dip in the water with the phone in his pocket. However, his phone stopped working properly soon after. LifeProof spokesperson Jordan Vater told the publication that he is sorry to hear about Allen’s incident, but added that his company does not offer reimbursements for the cost of their devices.

“While we test all of our product designs and verify our results with an accredited third-party testing facility, in addition to water testing every individual case before it leaves our facilities, there are several factors out of our control that make it impossible to warranty devices,” Vater wrote.

“Factors such as proper installation, correctly sealed port covers and the current condition of the device and case all play a role in keeping a phone safe during a drop or exposure to water.”

Fortunately for Allen, he was able to get a new iPhone through an AppleCare warranty after Koodo gave him a credit.


  • A case that costs less than a dollar to produce but costs 80$ to the consumer should have some form of damage warranty. This will be bad for lifeproof.
    If it doesn’t protect the phone as it claims, why would anyone spend that much money for their product? Might as well just get applecare.

  • Shoodi


  • Tim

    While phone cases are often way over priced (as is this one), I think the company is fair to deny warranting the phones themselves. I’ve used one of these before and there are indeed a lot of things out of control of the company. It was likely bad installation vs a defective case, though the latter is certainly possibly

  • Chad

    What if the case wasn’t installed properly? That onus isn’t in Lifeproof… Too many factors that they don’t control.

  • LadeeDa

    Buyer beware. Always look at the fine print on something like this. If there is no damage warranty, like with UPS power backup then one should avoid the product. However, I agree, calling the case waterproof is misleading if they don’t offer any device protection. Besides, if the case is not completely sealed and of there’s no way for the installer knowing if it is or isn’t, the case imo is of bad design.

  • Tim

    even if a phone case is advertised as waterproof, it’s not a good idea to take your phone swimming

  • FragilityG4

    If he used the case properly they should have to reimburse him. It’s like a a car company saying the brakes failed but maybe you just didn’t press them hard enough.

  • Hondanazi

    This is newsworthy? On CBC? They must be desperate…….

  • Quattro

    How can he prove that he used it properly?

  • FragilityG4

    There in lies the dilemma ….