Register for Ontario’s GreenON Program: Free Nest, Ecobee, or Honeywell Smart Thermostat


The province of Ontario has kicked off the Green Ontario (GreenON) Installations Program, which offers residents a free smart thermostat from either Nest, Toronto’s Ecobee or Honeywell, if you have either a furnace or central air conditioner.

Home illustration

The eligibility requirements? You need to be either a homeowner or renter in:

  • A single-detached home
  • A semi-detached home
  • Townhome
  • Row home

Renters will require permission from their landlord to participate, and vice versa. Those living in multi-residential buildings are not eligible, while the program cannot replace existing smart thermostats one has in the home.

Eligible residents first need to register online or by phone, then book an appointment for an in-home energy review. A GreenON installations rep will visit your home for the review and install of the smart thermostat (and take away your old unit), which will take about two hours. A few weeks later, you’ll receive a custom home energy report, detailing your energy profile plus include tips on saving power in your home.

The program limits one smart thermostat per household, with the installation program administered by Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO).

According to The Star, Environment and Climate Change Minister Chris Ballard announced the $40-million program today through the new Green Ontario Fund. The latter was created with $377 million in revenues from Ontario’s cap-and-trade program.

The province’s cap-and-trade program limits the amount of pollution companies can release into the atmosphere, and if limits are exceeded, extra credits must be purchased. This fiscal year, Ontario’s cap-and-trade program is forecasted to add $1.8 billion to government coffers.

Green Ontario Fund chairman Parminder Sandhu said there are 100,000 smart thermostats available.

Click here to sign up for the GreenON installations program, as early registration is now available. Heavy demand for the program crashed the site earlier this morning, but it works fine now. Let us know if you end up getting registered!


  • FragilityG4

    Cap and trade is one of the reason why businesses are leaving Ontario. In the end, the residents suffer.

    At least some of that money is being used for a “green program” …. what about the rest of the billions of dollars Wynne has siphoned out of our wallets in the name of environmentalism? More giant ducks??

  • Tony Scicchitano

    I know several people, who I can’t fathom why, opted to go see the duck. While looking at an absurdly large inflatable duck, they spent $$ on transportation, food, and drink.

    Wash, rinse, repeat.

  • Tony Scicchitano

    (I swear I wasn’t one of “several people”)

  • Haha

  • wuju

    My concern is now the government and some agency knows your energy consumption behaviour and not only your utility company. Should I be concern? Not that I’m an energy wast person.

  • erth

    this is just more of taking our money, and then giving a little back to us. this makes you think the government is doing us a favor. how about not taking our money and allowing us to buy this on our own, and then giving us a credit? the liberals need to go away.

  • It’s Me

    So, we are going to rely on Wynne’s duck economy to pay for her fiascos?

    That’s ducked up.

  • It’s Me

    Well, if it is a Nest, then google is already using it to track even more of your life.

    But you bring up a good point. Will receiving one of these require giving access to the government or utility? That’s the way many/most of the utility rebate programs worked, where they have to be able to access your system to change the temps during high peak demand periods.

  • FragilityG4

    Ontario already has a PeakSaver program where they do that, but under your agreement. We also have Time Of Use (TOU) pricing so they know our usage to the minute. As far as I know Ecobee can not be accessed by anyone but you. Plus I highly doubt the government is concerned with combing everyone’s usage to change temperatures.

  • A Canadian

    its also doing the environment a favor. not just us.