OpenNotifier: Notification System for iPhone Status Bar [Cydia]


Even though iOS 4.2. is upon us, there are still features ‘missing’ that everybody wants. One of those includes an improved notification system. A new tweak in Cydia, called OpenNotifier is now taking your iPhone status bar to another level.

Similar to old tweak Notifier, OpenNotifier allows for more customization as there is dedicated section in Cydia for App Add Ons for specific apps (ie WhatsApp, Words with Friends, etc). You can also add a notification icon for any app you specify via Settings options on your iPhone.

Notice the icons for Mail, and silent mode:

OpenNotifier is free in Cydia. It’s a nice tweak to improve the iPhone’s notification system. Let me know what you think of it below in the comments.


  • Anonymous

    I’ll have to try this on my 3G when the jailbreak for 4.2.1 comes out.

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t realise it was out already! Last I heard it was supposed to be out tomorrow! 😀 Awesomesauce though! Upgrading now! 😀

  • Anonymous

    I use Notifier+. I’m sure they’re both similar.

  • iGuy

    FINALLY!!! I’ve been waiting for nobodyimportant to release this. You should mention that opennotifier was made by the developer of notifier and despite a crazy school schedule he has been working his ass off to get this app ready for the public for a while now.

  • decent but i use lockinfo. i’d rather have my notifications consolidated under a list and i can check it when i want rather than try to assign a billion icons that wouldn’t even fit in the little task area on the iphone.

  • Watchandhate

    I noticed that on several of the screen shots I saw of the app there was an icon for what looks like the voicemail. I was wondering how to get this icon. Any suggestions?