OpenTable Hits 30 Million Seated Diners in Canada, Mobile Bookings Grow


OpenTable has released some specific stats for Canada, revealing it has seated over 30 million diners in this country, since 2012:

“Canadians love to dine out and OpenTable strives to make their dining experience the best it can be,” said Bryan Huehn, OpenTable Country Manager for Canada. “We’re thrilled that we have reached the 30 million diners milestone. We are continuing to listen to what diners want and are constantly updating our offerings to meet the needs of diners and restaurants across the country.”

To date, OpenTable says over 5 million diners have made their reservations via mobile, with 29 per cent of bookings this year made on mobile, up from 13 per cent in 2012.

Also, last year, 10 per cent of seated diners in Canada were international visitors, highlighting the usage of the app as a tool for travellers.

As for favourite Canadian cuisines based on OpenTable users? Italian is tops, followed by French, “Fusion/Eclectic”, Mediterranean and Seafood.

Check out the infographic below for more:

Do you use OpenTable for booking reservations?

Click here to download OpenTable for iOS–there’s also an Apple Watch app.


  • Matt

    A lot of restaurants in Vancouver are hit and miss with availability of offering open table though

    Only used the service a few times but when i have, its great….wish it was implemented in more restaurants

  • rrosales

    I had it in 2012 but I didn’t like it so I deleted it… I installed it again after 3 years thinking it might have improved a lot. It did but I still don’t like it! It looks like it only caters for ‘main’ city restaurants! I live in Delta, BC. If I want sushi or East Indian or Greek, I will not go to Vancouver or Seattle to have them! Delta and Surrey have a lot of good restaurants! And why would it suggest that I cross the border to have dinner? smh

  • Yeah some smaller restaurants don’t have this setup, more big names and established restaurants. It’s nice to be able to book for special occasions.

  • Yeah that’s the downside when not enough restaurants in smaller populated areas lack OpenTable. Just grab the Nexus passes and head to Bellingham! 😉