Opera Mini Users Growing Fast, 140 Million And Counting


Opera Mini, the famous web browser for mobile devices, is perhaps the best browser offering by Opera till date. According to a recent publication by TNW, the company has announced an 83% increase in Opera Mini usage over the past year hitting the 140 million users mark in October 2011. The report also claims that 22 countries now have at least 1 million users actively using the browser every month. Since its launch in 2006, Opera Mini has doubled its userbase a total of 8 times.

Citing from the source:

In April, Opera announced that its Mini browser had reached 100 million monthly users and two billion daily pageviews – making it the world’s most popular mobile browser. The free browser, which supports 96 languages and huge range of different smartphone and feature-phones including Android, Symbian/S60, BlackBerry and iPhone, reached the milestone in its own right, two months after the Opera Software announced the same figure for its Mini and Mobile browser releases combined.

Last month, Opera Mini users loaded a whopping 86 billion pages, more than doubling year-on-year and accounting for 13 petabytes of data.

Do you use Opera Mini on your iOS devices or is Safari still the browser of choice? Let us know!



  • Bryan

    I still use safari as it has a noticibly better text format than opera mini. I only use opera if I’m listening to an mp3 file in safari because it doesn’t allow you to open another tab.

  • Anonymous

    I have Opera but never use it. I use Safari. The update cemented that. I’m happy with it.

  • Auto Strada

    try pressing the double squares at the bottom-right of the safari window. that’s similar to tabs; gives you the option to open a new one, removes existing ones or not at all. you can have multiple open at the same time.

    since you use it to play .mp3’s, unsure if your old tab stays “active” after you open a new one, though.

  • JD Monette

    I personally think that the opera browser is crap. Too many annoyances. And wayyyy to slow to load pages, like really to slow. Not really sure what all the hype is all about

  • Duraisamy Kodeeswaran

    I use opera from the beginning. Opera is far better than Safari. You guys are not using it and comment on it. I use both (at some times iphone goes only for safari!). Damn slow browser safari. This is the reason for opera’s success.

  • Naonah

    If you press and hold your finger on the link for a couple of seconds (while in safari) you get the option to open the link in a new page (amongst other options).