The Original iPhone to Soon Reach ‘Obsolete’ Status at Apple Stores


9to5Mac reports according to an internal Apple document, the original 2007 iPhone will soon reach ‘vintage’ and ‘obsolete’ status at Apple retail stores.

Starting June 11th, the original iPhone will no longer be eligible for hardware service at Apple retail stores in Asia-Pacific, Canada, Europe, Japan, Latin-America and the USA.

Other Apple products soon to be deemed vintage in the U.S. and obsolete elsewhere include the AirPort Express base station, various Macs and Xserve models. Vintage products according to Apple are items “discontinued more than five and less than seven years ago.”

As for obsolete products, Apple classifies them as items “discontinued more than seven years ago,” which means the company no longer offers hardware service with “no exceptions.”

The original iPhone was first sold exclusively in the U.S. back in summer of 2007. Once a jailbreak and unlock was made available, numerous Canadians flocked down to Apple Stores to purchase the iconic smartphone to use in Canada, much to the delight of envious onlookers.

Below is Steve Jobs introducing the iPhone at Macworld in 2007, by far one of his best on-stage announcements ever:


  • ChaosOnFire

    I recently just ended up selling my 1st Gen. Bought it shortly after it was released in the States. Didn’t have a single problem the whole time I had it. Ended up selling it in mint condition with box and all original contents for more than my wife’s 3GS. Best phone investment I ever made and worth every penny. Upgraded to the iPhone 4 at release and almost time to make the next step.

  • bradg17

    Oh, I miss the days when a dock came with iPhones

  • ????Dennis

    Se here! My first iPhone was the original from Buffalo. Sold it for $200 mint in original box. Bought the iPhone 4. Waiting for the iPhone 6 to upgrade next. The iPhone 5 looks too skinny and tall. Hopefully the 6 has a more balanced screen size…

    I remember the days when the iPhone was rare and people would freak out at my phone… I agree, best phone purchase ever.