Get an OtterBox iPhone 5 Defender Series Case for $7.99 from [u]


Screenshot 2013 11 19 14 34 17 currently has the OtterBox Defender Series case for the iPhone 5 on sale for 87% off at $7.99. The kicker? Shipping is $7.99 but after taxes the final price comes to just under $18 for an OtterBox case delivered to your front door. The case has a MSRP of $59.80. The description says ‘By OtterBox’ but the seller is a third party ‘iiCar’.

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Full details below:

  • OtterBox Defender Series for Apple New iPhone, Black
  • Compatible with iPhone 5 the case is a natural extension of the refined technical beauty of the device
  • Robust, 3-layer protection, Easy installation, polycarbonate pieces lock together, silicone installs easily over polycarbonate and stays in place
  • Screen protector fits flush and flat on the screen protects from scratches and is barely noticeable
  • Included belt clip holster provides added protection when phone is face-in. Clips on a belt or pocket or in a bag for handy carrying

The last time we saw a deal on the OtterBox Defender Series case was back in June, but it was selling for $16.95 plus shipping, whereas today’s deal is $7.99 plus shipping.

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Update: the deal is now dead.


  • Nassim Bojji

    probably a counterfeit !!!!! Yes check the url “Ships from Hong Kong” it’s a counterfeit. Please do not promote counterfeit and you should mention it’s an affiliate url (tag: tag=iphone0ca-20) Thank you!!

  • Rio

    So now everything that ships from Hong Kong is counterfeit?
    What is wrong with an affiliate url? Would you rather pay to read this website?

    I am sure plenty of people will appreciate finding this deal. $20 as compared to $50

  • It says ‘by OtterBox’, so far from the reviews it seems to be legitimate.
    Yes, that is our affiliate link. Our ‘About’ page discloses we use affiliate links when possible, so readers can support our site.

  • o_clement

    Well to be fair, anyone can write anything anywhere, and they do; especially on counterfeit (that IS the goal after after all)

    I could make an aluminium pie plate and write “Designed by Porsche” on it, and it wouldn’t make it so

    To be honest, for having bought countless of items from china/hong kong (advertised or not as counterfeit), I would be tempted to say these are counterfeit

  • o_clement

    Also, counterfeit doesn’t mean it’s an inferior product; it COULD be the exact same thing from the same factory, but it also means that 1. You’re playing roulette and might end up with a cheap product, and 2. You surely are not “encouraging” the right people

  • Rio

    Read the product title it says “By OtterBox” and links to the otter box amazon store.

    Do you really think a name brand like otter box would let anyone else use their name like that?

  • Al

    An online retailer has no valid reason to sell something for less than it costs them, unless than can gain a significant accompanying sale in return. Therefore it’s either counterfeit or stolen (“a case of them just happened to fall off the back of a truck”).

    And Amazon doesn’t care at all about what third part retailers do on their site (speaking from experience).

  • Darre89

    Everyone who has a brain will know whether or not this is a good deal. Nobody is pointing a GUN to our heads to buy, we can all make a choice! Bottom line is I just ordered one as I’m willing to take the chance on a $18.

    If there’s issues I’ll bring it up with amazon. don’t shoot the messenger they say

  • yamadori

    I get a price of $19.45, not the $7.99 you speak of. Is it already expired?

  • The deal is dead now.

  • Ryan Laker

    I don’t think you understand how the Amazon Marketplace program works.

  • o_clement

    I’ll just put this here:

    “30pin Dock Extension Adapter for iPhone 4 4S iPod Griffin Otterbox Case”

    This is the name of a product sold on chinese website; Tell me what’s wrong about this

  • Ryan Laker

    That’s Amazon listing. Marketplace sellers just list under that listing. There is nothing stopping that seller from sending people counterfeit product until Amazon gets enough complaints. The best part is though if you get it and it is counterfeit and want your money back you have to return the product and pay shipping which sending that back to Hong Kong with tracking will be super expensive.