Parody Reveals How Revolutionary the iPhone 5S Will Be [VIDEO]


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All eyes are on Apple again as the company will announce its latest iPhone (or two) at an upcoming event on September 10. YouTube channel ‘Matthias‘ has created a parody of Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5S launch to poke some fun at the company:

Our level of deception has never been matched. This is a parody of the upcoming Apple iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. Or the iPhone 6, whatever you want to call it…

Check out the video below to give you a few chuckles on this Friday:

What did you think? Are you ready for the iPhone 5S…and iPhone 5C?

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  • Andy

    This parody is the truth.. that’s why I’m switching and getting the Note 3… the hardware is what people want.. the ability to expand via microSD is such a deal breaker.. and i want a bigger screen..

    Also, why wait for the JB community to find vulneribilities with the new iOS when Google accepts rooting and allows their user to customize their phone?

  • Let us know how you like the switch. Have you already made up your mind or are you waiting until Sept. 10 first? 🙂

  • WatDah

    That’s pretty funny =D

  • FragilityG4

    I’ve seen better parodies … The funny thing is the Galaxy S4 is essentially an ‘S’ realese. There’s nothing wrong with a bridge release … In business terms it makes perfect sense, that’s probably why the automobile market always does it … Same with computers …

  • Andy

    Waiting for Sept 10 of course, I am a dilligent consumer hahah.. but from the rumors and Apple’s track record with the S releases (I was always stuck on the S release cycle with my upgrades) I am definitely leaning to bigger and better for my next phone..

    like 3 gigs ram, 2.2 ghz quad-core, expendable memory, and 5.7 inch screen on a smaller body than the note 2? count me in … c’mon Apple prove me wrong!

  • Guest

    Fan boy Andy, why don’t you just get the Note 3, I don’t think anyone is expecting the next iPhone to be a power house with a larger screen. If those are the features you want, why wait for the 5S? stop trolling and posting Smasung specs on a iPhone blog site.

  • WatDah

    Then you have no reason to wait. Just get the Note 3.

  • Andy

    Not trolling… I’ve been an iPhone user for 5 years. Biggest iPhone fanboy for a while. I’m just tired of being disappointed with Apples lack of innovation for the last few years. Reminds me a lot of what RIM did with their huge lead in the smartphone market and then letting it slip through their hands by not going above and beyond the Curve and Bold for many years.

    I’ll stop with this message as it does look like I’m trolling lol but I’m sure I’m not the only apple user about to make the switch.

  • WatDah

    Real innovation doesn’t come around often. All there really is for the past few years, are upgrades of previous version of the same device. Faster core, better graphics, bigger screen, improved software. No one has really innovated anything since the original iPhone. Nobody.

  • Your comment reminds me of this funny iPhone 5S parody: